Cheap Toll Free Number Options for a Startup in India

Startups are always cash constrained, and they look for ways to save some more money while optimizing the current resources and there is nothing wrong in it as the startup is all about hustling with what all you have.

Toll Free numbers are the utmost important tool for a startup to start building their brand while managing their customer’s queries on the phone as each and every missed call from a client is an opportunity lost for the business.

With the rise of Cloud Telephony and hosted IVR solutions startups can leverage the technology to handle all their telephony requirements with a low monthly price.

For example, Ziffy Cloud Telephony system offers Toll Free IVR numbers as well as Toll based 10-digit IVR numbers starting from just Rs 1,000/- per month, which includes hosted IVR, real-time call logs, SMS and email alerts, Multi-User CRM panel and advance and complex IVR flows to integrate telephony with client-side databases.

How can a startup buy a Toll Free number with dirt cheap price?

Since Toll Free numbers are used as a branding tool as it builds a bridge between the organization and the customer, which shows how much the company cares about their customers. So it is very important that a startup should choose a Toll Free number, which is easy to remember and a service provider, which can provide the highest uptime for the service.

Deciding a Toll Free service provider solely on the price point i.e. how cheap service it can provide can backfire as they may run off anytime making your Toll Free number a zombie and eventually portrays a bad picture for your company.

Get a service provider who has the best features, proven uptime and decent prices in comparison to the market.

To know more how you can utilize the Cloud Telephony with a Toll Free number please feel free to contact us from here.

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