Cheapest Toll Free Number in India

Looking for the cheapest Toll Free Number plan in India for your business?

Look no further than Ziffy. We are proud to offer India’s cheapest Toll Free number plan with more free minutes per month than the rental you are paying for the service. So, the effective cost of the Toll Free number with IVR is absolutely Zero, and in fact, you are getting paid for the services.

How does it work?

You will pay a monthly rental of Rs 999/- + taxes and in return, you will get 30 minutes free per day i.e., 900+ minutes per month, which turns up to Rs 1,953 worth of free minutes in just Rs 999.

See, we are actually paying you to use the service.

Can it get cheaper than this? Yes, we offer plans for every budget. If you are looking more affordable plan than this, then please contact our sales team, and they will get you the best deal.

What are the features of this plan?

Unlimited Free Call Recordings, Unlimited Free SMS Alerts, Unlimited Levels of IVR and channels as per the plan.

How much does a cheap toll free number will cost?

A cheap toll free number with a basic feature set will cost you around Rs 999 per month plus the call usage charges, which will vary depending upon your usage.

However, it is not always advisable to go for a cheapest toll free number plan if your call volume is high becuase in most of the cases with cheap monthly rental the cost of incoming calls is always very high.

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