Cloud Telephony and Startups

Non-funded startups or say bootstrapped startups always face cash crunches and loose business opportunities due to lack of resources.

Telecom resources like a phone connection (The front-end of your company), managing leads received on that and ensuring it’s 24×7 availability becoming a major pain point for every other business not just for the startups.

Substantial companies with more than 100 employees generally have their own dedicated staff and departments to handle customers’ queries but a business or startup without cash to burn on such task always find it difficult to compete with their competitors.

With the inception of cloud telephony (a term which is tossed for the services, which are available virtually for everyone i.e. without setting up a dedicated infrastructure at the company’s end) companies can now run their business over internet without spending a single penny on hardware setup or on maintaining them.

A cloud telephony company like Ziffy can provide businesses dedicated and shared telecom resources over Internet on pay-per-usage basis with instant activation. Say, if a startup predicting 1000 calls per day after running a print media campaign can handle all their calls automatically without worrying about the infrastructure required to handle the call traffic. Cloud services can be scaled up and down depending upon the requirement of a company.

How it works?

Say a startup XYZ started its operations with only one staff and from a home office (SOHO) can always opt for a toll-free or Virtual mobile or Land line number (VMN) and there is no need to waste money on a landline phone connection with EPABX and other telephony devices, which is must to show a professional image. No startup wants to kill their prospective business by showing a bad image of “working from home, running by students” through giving a mobile number on “Contact Us” page, which half of the time is unreachable.

Instead of ruining their business with bad telecom infrastructure they could choose cloud telephony by opting a virtual toll-free number say 1800-200-5777.

So, whenever somebody calls on their toll-free number or VMN, an auto attendant picks the call, greets them and gives them more options like 1 for Sales, 2 for Support. That way from a single number startup XYZ can segregate calls depending upon customer query and it can be routed to different personals on their mobile number.

They can define their preferences like working hours so that after working hours all calls are get logged in a CRM panel instead of forwarding on some number however the company will get a SMS alert for every such missed call so that they can give a call back to the caller.

This wasn’t possible with a normal mobile or landline number but with a digital cloud telephony system opportunities are limit less.

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