Did You Know These Facts About Toll Free Numbers?


Toll free numbers increase lead generation by 40%

Number Portability Feature Can be Availed:

Need to shift your business unit to a new city or to another country and want to retain your old number because it has become your identity. You can! Number portability feature is available. So, you can retain your old number when you plan to shift your business unit to a new place.

Track and Analyze the Channel Receiving Maximum Return On Investment (ROI):

With the help of toll free numbers you can track and analyze which channel of your business is receiving maximum (ROI) or Return on Investment and you can then frame a business strategy to boost that particular channel.

Virtual Numbers Let You Track Source of Incoming Calls:

The biggest advantage of toll free numbers is that you can track the source of incoming calls that proves to be very beneficial when you run an ad campaign.

Missed call Service Do Not Let You Lose Your Customers:

You can have a list of the people making calls if their calls are missed. You can also decipher your business and extract its insights like how your previous marketing campaign fared, source of the leads and much more (Real-time analytics).

You Can Make Calls Using Your Website:

With the help of click to call feature, customers can make calls from your website. All you need to do is to incorporate the widget on your official website.


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