Free Virtual Number with IVR

Yes, you saw it right. Get a virtual number with IVR for your business to handle any number of calls or forward those calls to any number of agents and all your usage bill will be paid by Ziffy.

What it means is you don’t have to pay for the calls you receive or handle on your Virtual Number with Ziffy and that’s too without any FUP (fair usage policy) unlike other IVR service providers.

How it will work?

We are giving 100% usage charge waiver for until undisclosed period i.e. it could be for one month or three months or for a year or for unlimited period. Any bill generated for Call Charges will be automatically paid by the system on behalf of the customer. 

Customer will be intimated whenever we are going to charge him for the call usage.

There is no commitment until what time the usage bills will be paid by the company for the customer but they will be informed 30 days before we start charging for the call usage.

What is the benefit of this offer?

Customers can enjoy unlimited free calling for X amount of time, without worrying about bill usage. So, if a customer has monthly usage of 50,000 minutes on a toll-free, then he will save over Rs 80,000/- for X months per month.

This offer is valid for customers who are boarding with us before 26th January 2018 only.

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