Get a premium tollfree 1800 number for Rs 1000/- per month (limited period offer)

Toll Free 1800 Plan

1800 numbers are unique and have high recall value among the callers and let’s not forget they are toll-free for them too.

Ziffy is making it easy for businesses to own and manage a toll-free 1800 number with an easy to use web interface, 24×7 dedicated customer support and unmatched cloud telephony advantage.

We are proud to launch an exclusive offer for small businesses (SME), which is light on your pocket and yet very effective medium to scale up the business.


Monthly Rental: Rs 1000/-
Billing Term: 6 months (advance rental)
Call Rate: Rs 2 per minute
Free Call Value (per month): Rs 1000/- (effectively zero rental)
Security: Rs 1600/- (credit limit, refundable*)
Setup: Rs 1000/- (one time)

Total Payable Amount: Rs 6000 + Rs 2600 + Rs 120 + Rs 1078 = Rs 9,798/-

Call 09554443322 or 18002005777 or click here


  1. Rs 6,000 for 6 month advance rental.
  2. Rs 2,600 for setup and security.
  3. Rs 120 bank charges (waived in case of online fund transfer).
  4. Rs 1078 is service tax on full amount @ 12.36%.
  5. *Security amount is only refundable if service discontinued after 12 months. Dues will be deducted from it.