Health Care Sector with 1-800 Toll Free: Transform Service, Quality and Delivery of Patient Care

In health care sector doctors provide clinical or medical treatment recommendations to needy people. If there is an emergency, patients contact the local paramedics. The patients, coming to the local hospitals if want to communicate their immediate requirement or complaints regarding ambulance facility or irregularity in treatment directly to the respective heath authorities, should have an 24X7 reachable contact no. for direct communication.

Now various hospitals & blood bank & centers have introduced 1-800 toll free numbers for convenience and accessibility of medical care facilities to the severe patients, poor people and illiterate people too. The patients can not only register their complaints regarding treatment irregularities but can also inform about inconvenience, ill-equipped OPDs or testing labs. Complaints regarding misbehavior of hospital staff and demand for money in lieu of treatment can also be registered through single assistance 1-800 toll free number . Help line Toll Free also reduces illegal medical practices in the hospitals and is also helpful in enhancing the treatment quality by increasing transparency level.

Evolve your hospital’s and doctors’ positive image with trusted solution that is cost effective and delivers the value to patient and also enables always-available patient care systems on the most reliable, industry-proven platform. for customers communication medium should be more interactive and collaborative. From remote areas for disease management, wireless technology is helping to improve healthcare outcomes and address the healthcare worker shortage.
Over the last decade, tele-health in India has been primarily facilitated and driven by government funding. The government now has a major policy initiative in mobile health.

Check out the following link for announcement of Health and Family Welfare Minister Ahmad Hasan on Toll Free no facility in hospitals.

How toll free 1-800 is useful in Hospitals

  1. In health care industry 1-800 Toll free no service is used as single Help line no for various emergency calling.
  2. Doctors will be in direct approach to the respective customers for appointment through IVR application.
  3. Customer may register their complaints on the Toll Free no by selecting the respective option in IVR
  4. Toll free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) panel will update the record of patients calls for long time by providing avenue to hospital management to promote their hospitals by helping and delighting their patients.
  5. 1-800 toll free no. could become the effective medium of mobile health i.e resolving customer’s health problem on a toll free call.

Benefit of availing 1-800 Toll Free no service in Health Care Sector

  1. Customer help line Toll free no works as the convenience and assistance tool for needy patients.
  2. Unforgettable positioning of the Hospital in the mind of target customer segment for providing more convenience way to health care service.
  3. Enhance availability of instant services to needy customer.
  4. Toll Free 1-800 no also works as tool for awareness of various disease in health scenario, thus Doctors may disseminate information to their target segment.
  5. Hassle free appointment accessibility can be provided to the seeking patients by 1-800 Toll free no.
  6. Present the availability by 24×7 at door step of target customer.

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Author: Ms Surya Batham