How can I get a toll free number for free?

Want to get a toll free number for free for your business? Chances are you can not get it if you are in India, however we have few tips for you, through which you can get a toll free number for free for your small business.

Before I disclose those hidden secrets let me explain why is it so hard to get a toll free number for free.

There are two kinds of numbers in the market;

  1. A toll number, like your normal mobile or a landline number where the caller will be charged to make calls. The receiver in most of the cases will not be charged.
  2. A toll free number are special number where the caller will not be charged and instead the received or the called party will be charged for the calls by the operator.

As you can see in case of toll free number the receiver is being charged, so if a company is offering a toll free number for free then they have to pay for the call charges, however they are not generating any revenue as the provider is offering the service for free. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense for the toll free service provider to offer the services for free.

The cost involved in receiving the calls makes it next to impossible to get the service for free. However, there are few way through which you can get a tollfree 1800 number for free for your business.

If you have come this far reading this article, that means you are really interested in getting it for free. Read on… to learn how to save your cost on getting the tollfree number for your business…

Affiliate Program

You can join Ziffy’s affiliate program, which will give you credits on promoting the Ziffy’s website and services. You will get one credit on every link you post on other websites and three credits will give you one month of free service of toll-free number.

It’s a simple calculation. Promote the link to three different websites every month and keep your toll-free number service for free. No charges at all.

Partner Program

If content promotions is not your forte and instead you have client base, which could in interested in getting a toll free number for their business then you can join our partner program and can earn a handsome commission on every sale.

For starters, we offer 10% commission on each sale. That way to recover the cost and to make your own toll-free number service free, all you have to do is to sell one connection per month in your network.

Referral Program

If none of the above programs fit your profile and you still want the service for free your business then you can refer your acquaintances to ziffy and if they buy the service from us then we will give you free credits to cover your service cost.

This program is best suited for people who have a good hold on social media and have a large user base following them.

If you need further details on the above-mentioned programs then you can contact us from here.

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