How Do You Get Toll Free Numbers for Your Business?


So, you have started a business set up and waken up to the fact that a toll-free number is your first priority but wondering how would you obtain it? Unleashed here is the answer of this much sought after question. Let us have a quick look.

Assigned on First-come and First Served Basis:

These numbers are assigned on a first-come and first served basis. There is a national computer database that holds significant information about which toll free numbers are available and which are already taken.

What are Responsible Organizations?

Responsible organizations are toll free service providers which have access to the national database that contains all the vital information pertaining to the status of toll-free numbers. The customers interested in buying toll-free numbers contact Responsible Organization and work with that organization to obtain a toll free number which can cater their business requirements.

What are Spare Numbers?

Apparently, numbers are either available or unavailable (working) for sale. Available numbers are called Spare numbers which are available on a first-come and first served basis. These numbers can be reserved by any Responsible Organization. A lot of companies are interested in obtaining vanity numbers. These numbers are an important asset for buyers as they spell the name of your company or the service you deal with. For instance, (1800- BUYOLDCARS). These numbers are made available to them on additional charges. These numbers are not released to the general public for re-use.

How Do the Numbers Get Freed Up?

Your toll-free service providers also known as carriers hold numbers for a couple of months (normally up to four months) after they disconnect your number. This is done so to ensure that the number which got disconnected recently are not tossed back immediately to the spare status. This waiting period assures that the new customers would not have to deal with numerous calls of the last service subscriber.

So, when you think it’s high time to build your company’s image and have more customers calling to you, get a toll free number from a vendor you can trust on. Go through the plans they provide meticulously, offers they have and make a thorough online research about the service provider you choose.


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