How Long Does It Take to Set Up a Toll Free Number?


When you purchase a toll free number, the first question that probably creeps into your mind is how long does it take to set up a toll free number? Well! it depends on several factors. Availability of toll free numbers depends on the type of number you are looking for (whether it is vanity or not), your present location.

When the number you have ordered is not available with the carrier, he has to order that specific number. Also, carriers have their own process for ordering numbers so the wait time varies. But, if the number you have ordered is available with the carrier, the setup time is 72 hours approximately. If you want the fastest activation, contact us to get your service activated within a business hour.

When You Port Your Number:

When you are porting a number from another service provider, the setup time gets affected. When porting a US toll free number, a process called Resporg has to be followed. When you resporg your toll free number, you have to go through the US toll free number organization and request them to transfer the responsibility of your toll free number to the other carrier. The entire process can take around 5 business days. In a majority of cases, transfer of the number happens easily.

Basically, it depends on your service provider. So, in case you are in hurry it is better to talk to your service provider. In short, the setup time for your toll free numbers which are activated on your existing land line or mobile numbers depend on the type of number you choose, whether you want to port and your geographical location.

Most importantly, toll free numbers are activated on your existing land line or mobile number. So, there is no set up cost involved. If you are ready with the requisite documentation (address proof, ID proof, proof of your company’s registration) and have made the payment then we would activate your service in an hour.

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