How Missed Call Alert Service Helps You Generate More Leads?


To put it in the simple terms, the Missed Call Alert (MCA) service is used by the subscribers to get notified for all the calls they miss when they are unreachable. With the help of call logging and notification system, they are informed about the parties which have called them when they were not reachable.

In which Segments Missed Call Alert Service?

Basically, it is a web based application that keeps the customers engaged. Apparently, businesses use this service for the purpose of lead generation because with the help of this service they can never miss a single call or queries. They are used for:

  • Voting
  • Polling
  • Customer feedback
  • Opt-in process
  • Verification

How the Service Works?

  • In missed call alert service, the subscribers get a dedicated number.
  • When customers call on that number, they receive an auto confirmation SMS that thank him for calling and informs that their number has been registered.
  • Numbers of the callers are stored in database.
  • Executives can then call back soon to understand the requirements or concern of their customers.

Important Features of Missed Call Alert Service:

  • It is a hassle-free and easy way to retain all the prospective clients. After dialling the phone calls cut automatically after dialling.
  • It is cost-effective way as it costs nothing for the callers.
  • The service can be activated both on mobile and land line phones.
  • Real time notifications are sent via SMS and emails.
  • It can be easily integrated with SMS and Emails, IVR.
  • Easily integrated with SMS, IVR & Emails.

How Missed Call Service Means More Business?

The rule of thumb in every business remains the one and same. “Grab more customers to get more profits.” But, this is just not enough! If you want your customers to get converted into subscribers and want to bring more profits to your business, you should try using missed call alert service.

With the help of missed call service alert you can convert your customers into subscribers. Normally, customers are those who avail both your goods and services just once but subscribers means recurring business. So, in order to expand your business you need to have subscribers. Indeed, with the exponential rise of Internet users, a lot of technologies like email marketing, bulk SMS etc. are being used to grab the potential customers. But, always remember that your customers are as busy as you are. Taking this point into consideration, missed call service becomes the shortest and the easiest path to reach your customers.

What Other Benefits Can it Have?

The process of missed call alert service is just a cakewalk. You just need to provide your customers a number and with one ring, the call gets disconnected itself and that number gets saved in the database from that very moment.

Cost Effective Way to Grab Customers:

Apparently, missed call service saves a huge amount of money because it requires a huge investment and maintaining a single database. Compare it with other modes of advertising!! So start investing other important resources and save money.

Put Your Customers At Ease:

With the help of these numbers you can put your customers at ease as if they are busy they just need to drop a missed call to you and that’s it! So, the shortest path to reach your customers is a missed call service.

Make Your Customers Subscribe You!

Your customers are not required to fill any long and tedious forms and reaching you with the help of just a ring puts them at ease especially if they maintain a hectic schedule.

In short it is quick, effective and dependable…smart marketers listening?

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