How Real Estate is Helped by Call Capture Feature of Toll Free Numbers?


It is a tough competition for the real estate agents in the crowded marketplace. As market is deluged with the service providers for limited number of leads sustaining has become really difficult. To get a leg up in this competition, you need to evaluate the best possible use of your marketing dollars to get the optimal result. Toll free numbers for the real estate industry is one such investment. It is better to remember that even the warm lead can turn hot and the hot lead cannot turn into sale.

How Call Capture Helps You Determine Your Advertising Budget?

There are many real estate agents that make use of call capture technology that helps them determine how advertising dollars should be invested to gain the optimum benefit. Just by attaching an 1800 call capture number to all the advertising modes you use, you are able to track the results efficiently. Also, you can evaluate your promotion and advertising ventures in a real time. This is a great way for the busy real estate agents to know what types of promotional and advertising offers are bringing leads.

How Call Capture of Toll Free Numbers Work?

Call capture works through a toll free number which has multiple extensions. There are certain call capture systems offer “mirrored” extensions  which enables the agents to track which piece of advertising is able to generate the maximum leads.

It works on a simple process. Each number in any given call capture extension is assigned to a different piece of advertising. For instance, 1 is assigned to a direct mail, 2 to a bulk SMS or 3 to a Television commercial, the calls can be tracked on a particular number and hence the agents are able to ascertain which type of advertising is the most productive one.

How Else Call Capture Helps?

With the help of a call capture system you are able to record special offers that you keep on coming from time to time. For instance, an agent may offer a free credit report for a direct mail postcard and a special discount on bulk SMS etc. With the help of call capture system reports, the agent can analyse which advertising method is generating the maximum leads.

In short, call capture of the toll free numbers help the real estate agents to test the water of their marketing so that they can put their money in just the right direction. No wonder, why the demand of toll free numbers for real estate has risen sharply.

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