How to get a toll free number for business

With the Jio’s entry in the telecom market, the call charges have almost vanished, and every operator is now offering unlimited free outgoing calls. This raises a question whether anyone should invest in a Toll Free number or not?

Why do we need a Toll Free number for business?

Toll free number not just give your customers a way to connect to your business for free but it will also give them a uniquely identify your business since 1800-numbers have excellent recall value.

A toll free number makes your business more comfortable to call and portrays that you care for your customers.

What are the benefits of getting a Toll Free number from Ziffy?

You can always buy a toll free number from a telecom provider like BSNL, Airtel or Vodafone-Idea but there are some cons with this approach;

  1. It’s hard to get any support from the telecom operator directly.
  2. No real-time data of the calls.
  3. High CAPEX to install the system so that multiple users can handle the calls.
  4. No IVR integration.
  5. Hard to manage cost once the solution is implemented.
  6. Single point of failure

However, when you go with a Cloud Telephony service provider like Ziffy you will get additional benefits, which are unmatched in the industry like;

  1. Free multi-level IVR hosting to handle any amount of calls automatically.
  2. Advanced call management features and CRM.
  3. Multiple cost management features to reduce telecom cost for your business.
  4. Multiple connectivities for redundancy and scalability, which offers 99.9% uptime of the service.
  5. Integration API to enable third-party software.
  6. Real-time call recording and logs.
  7. Multiple users to handle incoming calls
  8. No CAPEX for infrastructure.

What is the procedure to get the toll free number?

Getting a toll free number for your number is pretty easy with Ziffy. There are two ways to get the toll free number.

  1. Call Ziffy sales team at 955-444-3322 or 1800-200-5777 and talk to our solution expert and they will help you in purchasing the toll free number.
  2. You can also create your own account directly to purchase the toll free number online from

Both the methods are easy and would take less than 15 minutes to get your services activated.

What is the cost of Toll Free number in India?

The cost of toll free number depends upon multiple factors like how many calls you want to attend at a time, number of users attending the calls, the features you need and the term you want the services for.

The cost varies from Rs 999 per month and goes in to lakhs of rupees depending upon the usage and call volume.

For more detail about the pricing you can visit

If you still have any issues, which you want to clarify you can always call our solution expert on 955-444-3322.

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