How to get Toll Free number for your business?

Wondering how to get a toll free number for your business or why should you even have one?

You are at the right place to learn more about the toll free numbers. If you have no idea what a toll free number is, then do visit to understand how it works.

To give a brief it is a Virtual number starting with 1800 or 800 where your customers and prospects can connect with you free of cost i.e, they will not have to pay for the calls.

The main benefit of having a 1800 number is brand visibility and let your users to call you without worrying about the charges.

When a Toll Free number is clubbed with Cloud Telephony platform like Ziffy it will give unlimited scalability and redundancy to keep running your business from anywhere in the world.

How to get the toll free number for business?

There are multiple ways to get a 1800 number for business and it depends upon your requirements.

You can get the business toll free number from mobile service providers like Airtel, Jio, BSNL, etc. or you can buy it from aggregators like Ziffy, Knowlarity or MyOperator.

When opting a provider, you must ensure your requirements are fulfilled as all toll free service providers may provide you the number but will not provide the same features.

For example, BSNL, Airtel or Vodafone do provide the toll free numbers but they do not provide features like IVR, CRM, integration with third party tools or databases.

Also, the price varies from operator to operator. For example, Vodafone plans start from Rs 1,000 while BSNL plans starts from Rs 750 per month, but there are so many hidden charges and you will never know your actual usage until you will get the bill from them.

On the other hand providers like Ziffy offers plans from Rs 699/- per month with life-time free IVR service.

Steps to get a Toll-Free number in India

With Ziffy you can get the number up and running in a few minutes and all you have to do is provide some documents and make the payment online. Follow these steps to get an 1800-number for your business.

  1. Register at
  2. Check the availability of numbers from Billing -> Toll-Free Numbers
  3. Make the payment
  4. Upload your KYC documents like ID and Address proof.
  5. Upload IVR voice files and set forwarding numbers.
  6. Your Toll-free number is now up and running with a professional IVR to greet all your callers and forward calls to different agents.

or, you can just call on 1800-123-3733 and our IVR experts will help you in activating the number in flat five minutes. Learn more about the benefits of getting the toll free from Ziffy.

What should you look before getting a toll free number?

There are tons of service providers who are luring customers to sell toll free numbers but basically, most are resellers who are getting these numbers from other service providers (aggregator) who eventually buy the numbers from a Telecom service provider.

So, you may be getting the number from any one of them in the chain;

Telecom Service Provider —> Aggregators —> Resellers —> Sub Resellers

Telecom Service Providers (TSP)

They sit at the top of the chain and only they are licensed to provide Toll-free numbers in India. If somebody is saying that they own the number or making their own numbers then they are scamming you and do keep a distance from them no matter how cheap they are offering the services.

TSP includes Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, BSNL, JIO and Tata Teleservices. You can get the toll free directly from them.

They are not the cheapest or easiest to handle also, the support is very hard to get by from them.


Aggregators are service providers who buy the Toll Free numbers from multiple TSPs and provide application services over them e.g., IVR, database integration, etc.

Some of the biggest aggregators in India are Knowlarity, Ziffy, Exotel, MyOperator.

You can get the best deals from them, activation process is smooth and support will be world class as they are customer oriented.

Basically they are not selling you toll-free number, they are giving you their application stack over a virtual number like 1800 or on a mobile number.

With the cut throat competition you can get the best deal out of them, which nobody else can provide in whole chain.


Resellers takes the services from an aggregator and sell it to the customers under their own branding.

It is not easy at all to find who is a reseller or an aggregator as a customer as they have swanky websites, better deals and everything to offer from multiple aggregators.

They generally have better product portfolio than of an aggregator as they buy the services from different vendors and sell them under their brand.

Buying services from them is only sensible if you know them personally because for support they do have to rely on aggregators and lot of them. So you may not get the support at the right time and faster.

But your IT guy is a reseller then buy it from him as he is better equipped to serve you being a person who knows your business in and out.


We don’t recommend to buy services from them. You can easily guess who are sub-resellers. They are the one you find online offering the cheapest service, no contact details, no address. Just a mobile phone number on their website, which you can never trace back to them.

What IVR features are must-have for Business?

Ok, you have got a 1800-Brand number for your business but now what?

If your customers calls on it and you did not answer it because your agent was busy on some other call or work then it just ruined the whole experience for your caller.

When any prospect calls on your number than they expect that their call is getting answered and they could talk to somebody who can solve their issues or answer their questions.

Following are the features your IVR solution must have:

  1. Professional and automated greetings for every call.
  2. Advance call management based on geographic location, day and time, call status, etc.
  3. Call logs with duration, agent name, call status.
  4. Call recordings.
  5. Inbuilt CRM to manage new leads.
  6. Database integration of the IVR to check existing or new customers, preferably via APIs.
  7. Round the clock customer support.
  8. Multiple simultaneous call handling.
  9. Redundancy and scalability. For example, with Ziffy you can handle up to 3 million calls per day without spending anything extra other than usage charges.

There is no limitation on what an IVR can do for your business in handling the calls for your business.

If you have any specific requirement do let us know from or give us a call on 1800-123-3733 or 955-444-3322

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