How to get toll free number

Ever wonder how to get a toll free number from service providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance or BSNL?

That’s not an easy task actually. Lot of paper work, feasibility tests, service disruptions and moreover unsupportive sales staff who is more inclined to sell you the most expensive plan, which will get them cool incentive.

Since TRAI has made KYC mandatory for every customer paper work to get any telecom resource (here a toll free number) is mandatory however with the help of Ziffy’s trained staff and well documented process you can get a Toll-Free number with any of licensed service provider in just one day.

When you get a toll free number from Ziffy, we help you with all the paper work (KYC), physical address verification and getting you the best and cheapest toll free plan for your company in the matter of few hours unlike days or weeks when you buy the number directly from the operator.

Apart from helping you in procuring the toll free number from operator Ziffy also offer some awesome value added services on it’s toll free platform, which includes advance call management, IVR, CRM and bunch of APIs to integrate your existing system with your IVR service.

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