How to Make the Best Possible Use of Toll Free Numbers You Own?


So, you own a toll free number and know its several advantages? It gives you an image of being of being a national business, you can port it in case you are shifting your business to a new city, it is easy to use and creats a strong brand image. But, not everybody knows how to maximize and make the most of 1800 numbers. Check out a few sweet tips to maximize your 1800 number if you too are failing on that count.

  • If you own more than one toll free number, consolidate them. With the growth of your business, you would need more numbers. Do not think that you need a different number for a different department? Do away with the multiple numbers, just consolidate them into one 1800 number.
  • Make use of routing features within your service. This will help you route the calls to their respective points of contact. When you have a single number, you would be able to manage costs easily.
  • Do you have multiple service contracts? If yes, consolidate them. By doing so, you will have a more efficient trunk usage. Not only this, you would end up in paying lesser.
  • Make it a point to use ID services. When you do so, you are provided with the caller history that would help you in recognizing the requirements of callers even before the deals start. That apart, you and your staff will be more informed about the customers and would be able to address their requirements efficiently and quickly.
  • Live answering is always better. So, do not send the calls to voice mail, make use of live answering instead. When you do so, you will not lose missed calls. Every missed call means loss of a prospective client. You can also have the calls directed to your office number or mobile if you choose.

Most importantly, talk to your service provider. Subscribe a toll free number from a carrier whom you can rely on. Whether you are a start up or have a roaring business, a toll free number bought from trustworthy carrier will keep you connected hassle free with your customers.


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