How to Make the Optimal Use of Toll Free Numbers You Own?


You spend time, efforts and money on marketing techniques and have added a toll free number to make the maximum number of customers reach you. But, are you sure that you would be able to manage all the incoming calls and get their optimal value in the form of incessant leads? Here are certain tips to make the optimal use of toll free number you own.

Organizing All the Calls:

With the help of online account manager, you can monitor the inbound phone leads easily and effectively. There are features like voicemail, notification settings, caller ID, call forwarding, blacklisting, white listing etc. By viewing the call history, you can analyse the calls based on their volume, origin and talk time. This will help you track your callers, where are they from and how long they have been in conversation with.

Chalking Out the Strategy:

A hard-core sales strategy does not work. You should try nurturing your relationships with the customers. A welcoming IVR and the subsequent call forwarding to the respective departments make things easy and convenient for them. Moreover, for them you are always available no matter your employees are in the office.

Trashing the Junk and Cold Calls:

One of the biggest problems that you come across when you exempt call charges is that you get tons of junk calls and have to pay them also. You can avoid wasting your money and time on junk calls by blacklisting those numbers.

Most important of all, before you subscribe to a toll free number you should know your requirement and budget because the plan can be subscribed accordingly.


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