How to Get the Maximum Exposure of Toll free Number You Own?


Being aware of its multitude benefits to your business, if you have already subscribed to a toll free number and wondering how to get the optimum benefit of it, then this article is a must read for you!

Toll free number has become an essential marketing tool owing to its apparent benefits in making a brand image. However, when you know how to promote your toll free number, your sales and ROI will be increased further. Let us know how this priceless way for your customers to reach you can be promoted optimally.

Own a Business Website? Promote it There:

Try mentioning toll free number on your official website or better still mention it on every page of your website. It is one of the best ways to promote your toll free number. It acts as a bait because it encourages visitors to call you instantly. As per a recent survey conducted, 61% of the marketers have declared that inbound calls generate more leads than the inbound source.

Marketing Campaigns..Just the Right Way:

Are you using marketing campaigns like e-mail campaigns or social media campaigns or any such thing? If yes, then promote your number with marketing campaigns. This is the right way to reach a huge number of people. Also, you can consider this number as a trackable marketing tool. This will help generating more leads, drive in more sales and ROI for your business.

Have Social Media Accounts? Use Them:

Undoubtedly, social media is the most popular communication platform and customers use this platform to reach you. So, sharing your number on these channels is the best way to get the maximum exposure of your toll free number. You can consider including toll free numbers on your twitter, facebook, Google + page along with your other contact details to get the maximum people reach you.

Click-to-call…Another Great Way:

With the rapid rise of Smart phone users, click-to-call is another great way to promote your toll free number. Smart phone users to just click on the link and talk to the person concerned. As per a recent survey conducted by the Google, as much as 70% of the mobile searches have used click-to-call.

You Can Make Use of Direct Mail:

You can get more prospects and more customers by incorporating your toll free number on envelopes, post cards, letter heads and other official documents of your company.

You can consider placing them on the flyers or on your e-mail signature also. So, if you are wise enough to have owned a toll free number, it is time for you to promote it. Get Started!Would love to have your comments, queries or feedback!

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