How Toll Free Number Helps Small Business

To get your customers able to connect to your business is a very essential tool for every business.

Businesses should enable every medium of such communication with their customers e.g., social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.), Telephony (Toll-Free with IVR or a Virtual Number if the budget is less), E-mail, Web and offline channels as well.

The more medium your business has to reach your customer, the better the inbound leads you will have.

Just by getting a Toll Free number for your business doesn’t make it work wonder for you, instead, you have to make it work for you.

Use your toll-free number in every media you use to connect with your customers like billboards, visiting cards, website, on email signature or whatever comes to your mind.

Toll-free number is an exceptional tool for brand building. It has better recall value because it is unique and also, free for callers.

Also, answer each and every call you received on your toll-free number because if your customers feel that the number is just for show, then you will lose all the branding.

It’s better to get a Toll Free number from a Cloud Telephony service provider instead of getting it from a Telecom Service provider because a CTSP will give you much more value of money along with better uptime and a ton of features.

A very important part of business telephony is availability to have 24×7 connectivity. Like if you have an IVR on Toll Free number than your customers can connect to your number even when you are not able to attend the calls.

For example, Ziffy offers single click scalability for high call volume campaigns, exceptional call rates (as low as 60 paise in comparative to Rs 1.80 offered by other service providers) and 99.9% uptime S.L.A.

How to get a toll free number for small business

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