How Traditional Office Telephone Differs from Cloud PBX?

Cloud-PBX-vs-TelephoneBusiness telephone communication has grown immensely baffling and has left several business owners bewildered about the right choice. Questions like whether to go for a well-established traditional platform or for the new and cost effective technology called Cloud PBX telephony keep on creeping in their minds.

There are certain differences between the conventional telephone and cloud PBX. To make the right choice, you need to know these differences. Summarized here a few differences that can provide you in depth knowledge about distinguishing features between the two.


Traditional PBX costs you more than the hosted PBX. In the former case you need to install a hardware which requires someone with knowledge and experience to install that hardware, setup it and configure. Hosted PBX does not require any hardware installation and the virtual number given to you can be activated on your existing landline or mobile number. Moreover, there is no telephone wiring attached to the cloud phones and hence owners do not have to pay the maintenance cost.


Traditional or analog phones are known for the quality that they provide. But, hosted PBX provides equally good quality or perhaps better than the analog phones if you have a stable internet connection. If you expect a business grade quality either of the two would be good. But, if you want to manage the incoming calls efficiently, hosted PBX is better.


Traditional or Analog phones do fail but they do not have redundancy. If your hardware fails, you could get your traditional PBX replaced or repaired. However, redundancy is greater in the case of  Hosted PBX.

Up time and Maintenance:

This is one of the factors where Cloud PBX has an edge. This is so because no hardware is required and therefore there is no maintenance costs and unlike the conventional PBX phones, most of the cloud PBX service provider gives you 99% up time.

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