How’s and Why’s of Toll Free Numbers that You Search For


What are Toll Free Numbers?

Also termed as free phone numbers, toll free numbers are the numbers that begin with a country code. In India, they begin with a four digit code 1800 and international toll free numbers begin with a 3 digit code: 800, 888, 855, 844 etc. These numbers allow the callers to reach businesses free of charge. Toll free numbers are virtual numbers that are activated on your existing mobile or land line number. So, they:

  • Do not require any hardware or software installation.
  • They are portable.
  • They are made available with a CRM Panel where all the incoming calls can be monitored, tracked and analyzed.
  • Calls on these numbers are exempted from any charge irrespective of your geographic location country wide.

How Do Toll Free Numbers Work? Why They are Exempted from Charge?

As soon as toll free numbers are dialed, they are recognized by Service Switch Point (SSP) in the telephone network by its 1800 prefix, prompting it to query the SCP or Service Control Point. The point has all the routing instructions of the callers. Hence, instead of callers subscribers of the toll free numbers have to pay for the calls.

These numbers are absolutely free for the callers whether you make calls from a mobile phone or land line. Even call from Skype to a toll free number is also exempted from charge. Also, toll free numbers are free irrespective of your geographic location. You can talk as long as you want and can make as many calls as you want. This is so because calls are routed to a different line and hence the subscribers has to bear the expenditure.

Where Would I Get Toll free Number?

If you plan to purchase a toll free number, do not be in a haste as you may land into a huge trouble. Of course! the market is deluged with vendors and to make the right decision is a really difficult. You should know your usage and select the plan as per your usage and budget. Do not commit the blunder of buying it from direct operators. But, if you choose to purchase it from direct operators like Airtel, Reliance or other big names, you would not be able to get value added services like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call logs, call recordings etc.

How These Numbers Help in Building my Brand ?

Just come to think of this! When you dial a toll free number and a pre-recorded voice guides you to your sought after destination. You tend to have a positive impact of that company however small it may be, you think that the company has several departments.

How Would I Get a Toll Free Number?

The process is simple and easy but it is not about filling up of form and making payment only. Check out the process here.

Why Toll free Numbers Are So Long?

These numbers are long because they are divided into different segments. The first four numbers depict the code of your country. For instance, 1-800 is the country code for India another four numbers depict the numbers of the operators and the final 4 numbers can be chosen by the client.

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