Improve Business Efficiency With The Help Of Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony has been a compelling tool since its origin and has changed many perspectives too. Its impact on how we view the business today is worth noticing. Toll-free services play an important role in lifting business efficiency graph. If we talk about the benefits; lower cost, less human effort, better business results and flexibility in changing the capacity.

Customer satisfactions and benefits are discussed at the higher level but how the IT infrastructure of an organization gets streamlined by it is less talked about. Cloud telephony has largely contributed in optimizing business communication.

Remove the difference between the teams

Let’s discuss the situation of IT staff of any organization before the use of cloud telephony era. The situation I am going to discuss here is focusing an average organization. Initially, companies had a patchwork of multiple business applications hosting on a number of servers having different architecture. These servers were the part of office across the globe. The sales department was being run one server while the timesheet on another.

While remote access was allowed then also through the internet but managing the whole team with different different IDs was a tough game and internet didn’t help clearly and accurately.

Since the birth of Cloud Telephony, the whole system could be arranged in uniform and systematic way. Due to its compelling design and architecture, the cloud setup is able to streamline all the application whether these are for remote access or inside office premises access. Since the access of all entities goes through one way only hence it is easy and crystal clear to manage everything easily in order to increase efficiency.

Real time communication

Cloud system is architected such that it could connect to each electronic device like smartphones, laptops easily. Somewhere it is very helpful in raising the efficacy of business messaging system providing them with the high-quality real-time communication.

Suppose a sales executive of FMCG is in the field and the customer asks some queries related to business statistics of products delivery or profits etc. in that case, the employee can directly access the website and fetch out required details.

Unified Messaging

Unified communication has been in sound demand before the invent of the internet. The cloud-based solution is the one and only messaging platform where each report related to messages, tickets or problems are maintained in a move to avoid inefficiencies because of same data iteration from multiple resources. It is natural that we all lose synchronization with our colleagues while discussing the same topic just because everyone in the discussion is following a different communication channel.

Streamlined Management

Major improvements because of cloud system birth is seen specifically in functions and maintenance of enterprise software. The enterprise communication software such as Outlook, Sharepoint have to go through a number of scrutinies before getting approval on any upgrade. Now when these solutions are accessed from provider’s cloud arrangement instead of onsite installation, it gives more solidity to upgrades. Communication software is the nerve of any business model and its upgradations and maintenance are easier with the help of cloud system.

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