Cloud Telephony Is The Present And Future Of Business

Today, where technology is moving at the fastest pace and everyone is running after it to have the best ways and solution to improve the business. Yes, an organization gets benefitted the most with technology and how a business communicates and collaborate. The usage of smartphone, tablets and even telephone have become so common to communicate via friends and family so why not use their preferences to communicate with your clients in your organization.

A Cloud telephony is an internet-based voice and data communication that helps telecommunications applications, switching data and storage hosted by the third party outside the organization. Those who are looking to interact with their clients and customers, cloud telephony is the best way to do it. A toll-free number hosted by a cloud telephony makes your communication smooth and tussle free. You can easily make your call anywhere around the world.

Let’s go back a few years ago, when there was a drive to become ‘social’ not to be confused with generosity but to share knowledge, communicate, fostering innovation, and engagement. The whole thing comes to end with one objection and that is communication.

Well, a cloud telephony is everything your business need. If your business works and runs only on the basis of customer service support or the way you communicate with your client then it is the time you should have a toll-free number for your business. Your business will get the benefit of a cloud telephony for an unlimited period of time.

Enabling a mobile workforce

When we work in an organization, we have the aim to bring out the best results with our effort. But, it is not possible that an employee who works in an organization is always productive. Sometimes, he may spend hours in checking emails or texting and checking various applications.

A cloud telephony has the option to bring employees, customers and partners into the conversation from wherever they are and on whatever device. The key to getting a better collaboration is through a phone and a cloud telephony helps you in connecting with mobile workforce all over the world.

A little statistical data on mobile workforce:

  • About 70% of employees use their personal device for email purposes.
  • Nearly 26% of employees are productive whilst they are outside the office.
  • 35% of employees have three mobile devices to do their work.

Supporting multiple locations

In order to support your mobile workers those who are spread in various regions, a cloud telephony system helps you in connecting with people from multiple locations. The system creates a virtual communication system that is spread across multiple locations. It reinforces the mobile workers and extends support to them in the form of:

  • Mobile phones
  • Desk phones
  • Landlines
  • Personal computer phone
  • Contact center agents.

Reducing Cost

When you have to buy a traditional old phone, it requires a lot of investment and these high investment comes with a risk. There arises a lot of bets an organization has to face:

  • Is this technology right for business?
  • How will the technology change over the next three, four or five years?
  • Is partnering with them will prove fruitful to them?
  • How will the business grow and how much time will it take?
  • Will this investment scale to support the growth?

If you can tackle all these questions smartly, you could lead in the market without any tussle.

Focus on business, not on infrastructure

Your business is something which needs to be taken care of efficiently. Technology is something that has moved on to another level, being cloud telephony part of it helps your business increase its brand. These cloud-based solutions have some problems like fixing bugs and repairing hardware make them sure that these problems never become a difficulty for their customers.

The IT department of your company will take care that you don’t lose a competitive edge in the market. If you will keep innovating things that will help increase brand image of your company rather than focusing on the building infrastructure.

What role Cloud Telephony plays in your business

cloud-telephonyLet me tell you the bitter truth…!!

If you are still using clumsy on-premise communication products, you’re missing out (and you’re apparently paying way too much!).

When you talk about a business, there is a lot of things you have to handle, in which communication takes a substantial part and it is complicated now because you have to handle many phone calls, faxes, emails, text messages and this all should be answered or managed successfully. Plus, you have to sit on the desk between 9 to 5 to manage but in the 20th century, telephony services have been transformed. Now the work happens at home, on the road, and at the client side means anywhere, anytime via your friendly phone.

Now the first question begins, What is this technology or…..

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud Telephony is an internet based phone call that does not require any hardware to route your calls, you need a particular number from cloud telephony or telecom provider along with a certain number of ports to route the incoming or outgoing calls to and from this number.

When a call is landed on your particular phone number the vendor API communicates with user web application interface. This web application interface has an appropriate set of commands to execute predefined actions such as playing text file, send SMS. Record etc.

The telecommunications applications, switching, and storage are hosted by a third-party, also known as hosted telephony.

Cloud Telephony – an innovation  

In today’s revolutionize world, business communication has also been advanced. Communication happens between people in different regions, on different scales and through different channels not just within the 4 walls of the office.

It breaks the barriers that the traditional phone systems have. Let’s get rolling to know about the ways:

  • Supports outside communication: Call centre is no novation, even not for a small business. Running a call centre can be a huge investment that is what cloud telephony can do with ease. It enables the communication in a more sleek, controlled and orderly manner.
  • Supports modernization: Cloud telephony helps you to save on costs, increase your company’s flexibility and productivity through technical modernization, set up your company’s infrastructure easily and quickly, and improve continuity of operations.

Benefits of using cloud telephony

Here are some enormous benefits of modern cloud telephony:

  • Flexible, Scalable and Secure: You can do any change such as IVR message as well as add or delete a number of agents according to the number of calls and all the data from call records to recording are stored on high-security cloud servers.
  • User-Friendly and Zero Maintenance: You can use your own mobile phone and no physical servers are necessary at your office location. So, you have to do zero server cost.
  • More Value for Less Money: Cloud telephony have a completely different cost structure, unlike traditional phone system have. Traditional phone system loads additional cost for maintenance on top of your telephone bill but now your dream came true “pay only for you use”. No maintenance charges at all.
  • Time to set-up: If you remember……previously your office landline takes a lot of time to set-up; from feasibility test to final installation but now you can set-up and go live in less than a day.

This technology is only as powerful as what it is used for. Cloud telephony, with its creative and fascinating adoptions, has emerged far beyond its anticipations.

Few interesting uses of Toll Free Numbers


What do you think? Does anyone really care if their call is Toll-Free anymore? Does anyone really pay for long distance anymore? No.

If no one really cares about calls being Toll-Free anymore, why do companies still invest billions on the service? Simple, they get the traits they need to manage their business. They control the routing of calls, where all are they going and when they are conquer, they get all kinds of announcements for business intelligence, and they can approach cloud-based services that help them furnish high-quality customer service.

So…what if I told you Toll-free numbers acknowledge callers to reach businesses or individuals without giving any charge for the call. Toll-free numbers can be dialed directly to your business or personal telephone line and the charges of the call are paid by the called party (the toll-free subscriber) in place of the calling party.

These are very ordinary and have proven fruitful for trades. It presents “free” and advantageous way to contact businesses.

Many companies rely on toll-free services for their thriving businesses. Little do they know, this utility works well for other purposes too.

Below are some features of toll-free numbers used in creative and socially conscious ways:


Did you know? If you once buy a toll-free number, it is all yours; even if you can change providers or change your trades location.

Location doesn’t matter with a toll-free number. If you are going to relocate your business, your consumers won’t even know about! You can still reach to your customers by forwarding your calls to your cell phone or any other cell phone.


A toll-free number enhances your company’s image and gives soundness to your business. These numbers are not just for the big corporations; they are valuable for companies of all sizes, specifically those just proposing a business. It builds trustworthiness between the organization and the customer. You could be working out of your basement and no one would know.

Non-geographic number

non-geographic-3Businesses can have one number to reach the particular department of the company, that may be geographically distributed(starts with an area code).

Non-geographic numbers are easy to remember and it is only one for all the location.

For example: 1-800

This company, possessed by flower-shop owner Jim McCann, fills its orders through a florists network and through drop shipments.

It holds a florist-to-florist network and a floral wire service too—all services routed through the vanity toll-free number.

Enhanced data

When a consumer makes a toll-free call to a business, the company can access additional analytical data that would not be surely available if the customer uses a local phone number. Toll-Free Numbers are used by Google on digital click-to-call campaigns. Businesses can approach data about the caller’s search history, geographic location, and the other helpful statistics.

Marketing Tool

Vanity numbers are great for marketing purposes but do you know toll-free numbers help you to better track your marketing efforts?
Hold on..!! Think..! You have a website and a lead generation system. OK..? and what if someone picks up the phone and calls you from anywhere, how do you perceive where they came from?

The toll-free number allows you to create extensions, which associated with a particular campaign. Your toll-free number can act as a marketing tool and as a result can boost your call volume, sales and return on investment(ROI).

So, the toll-free service is very wide for all corporations in sales, support, CRM, survey, polls, subscription, accounts etc.

The elegance of Toll-Free number; Your client may reach you without any calling charges.

It is billed for the subscriber instead of the caller.

Top 5 Ways Cloud Telephony Helps Your Business Grow


Does the term “Cloud Telephony” rings an unfamiliar tune to your ears? Have you heard people saying that this is going to benefit your business but do not know how? Well! No matter how big or small your business may be, switching to clouds is a sure shot way to get a cost effective and flexible communication solution.

Cost Efficiency: How?

What have you been using for handling business calls? Land line, cell phones or PBX? Whatever equipment you may be using one thing is for sure that you end up in paying hefty bills. Don’t you? That apart, you tend to come across a range of technical problems and have to pay huge maintenance costs in each case.

Cloud telephony does not require any hardware installation. As the service is hosted by the vendor on your behalf, you have to pay only what you need. The technical and maintenance issues are looked after by the vendor.

High Flexibility: How?

You can either retain your existing numbers or get new numbers. You also have the flexibility to obtain the number of your choice and above all your service plan can be customized as per your needs and budget.

Productivity: How?

Productivity increases obviously because Cloud Telephony puts you in a complete control of your system. Not only this, you will be given a wide range of call management and handling features that can be operated with the help of easy-to-use interface.

What else? You can record both inbound and outbound calls that can be recorded for audit purpose, for customer service and for compliance. With the help of personalized settings you can handle multiple calls efficiently. You can track the important details like call history, recorded calls and voice mails.

You are Present 24X7 Hours and Everywhere: How?

With the help of Cloud Telephony you can integrate your fixed and mobile capabilities in such a way that you cannot miss even a single call.  Receiving all the details of missed calls make you available 24X7. Call forwarding feature enables your staff to be available everywhere.

Reliability Under all Circumstances: How?

Even under the events like floods and snow, service would not get disrupted. You can take and make calls under all circumstances. You can port the number in case you need to change the geographical location of your office.

Why It is High Time to Shift Your Business to the Clouds?

Advantages of Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony: What is It?

Prior to discussing its advantages to small and medium enterprises, let us first simplify the term: Cloud telephony. Basically, cloud telephony refers to the voice services. This technology allows you to make and receive calls and SMSes anywhere and at anyplace without the need of wires or set up costs. You can receive and make calls using your existing mobile or landline number. Given here are the top ten advantages of taking your business to the cloud.

Most Cost-effective Way to Cater Your Client’s Needs:

Can you imagine the cost associated with IVR system along with EPABX? You need a fortune for it. You need to invest in buying equipment like routers, softphones, handsets etc. With cloud telephony system, you do not need a device. You can pick up incoming calls and make outgoing calls on your present mobile or landline number. So, you do not need any support or maintenance costs. These number get activated on your existing mobile or landline number.

Reduced Setup Time:

As compared to the time taken for the set up of landline phones, it takes hardly any time to set up a virtual number on a cloud platform. With cloud telephony you can go live on the same day. There are some cloud telephony vendors in the market that activate your services within an hour.

It is Dependable for Hassle free Connectivity:

When you install the conventional landline for your business you need to face downtimes. But, such downtimes are eliminated with the cloud telephony service provider.

IVR System is Absolutely Flexible:

When you purchase IVR service from a vendor and want to change the audio, you can do so.

Scalability During the Marketing Campaign:

Gradual spike in the numbers of calls you need to handle change as per your requirement. When you run an advertising campaign, the number of calls that you can handle grow automatically. Similarly, it shrinks accordingly during inactive periods.

Keep Track of Everything:

With the help of cloud telephony service, you can keep track of your calls and SMSes. You can trace out important things like how many calls you have attended, how many calls are missed, what time of the day you get most of the calls etc. You can record the calls for quality purposes.

Round the Clock Access from Anywhere:

With the help of cloud based telephony, your staff can work anywhere. They can work out of their homes, on the fields and anywhere in the coffee shop etc.

What’s more! with the help of cloud telephony, you can project a big image of your company and have so many other advantages.