6 Healthy Prospects which an Intelligent IVR creates for your Business!

Every human being living in a society needs to use communication to gain a respectable name for himself. Similarly, communication is the way of developing a trustworthy name for itself in the market. Here, we try to signify the importance of an Intelligent IVR for a budding startup.

The growth of a human ‘from birth’ to ‘a grownup man’ passes through many development phases. This pattern of growth has a striking resemblance with the growth of a startup. As a human being needs proper care and nutrition during a long period of time initially, similar efforts are required to nurture and grow a startup into full fledged business enterprise.

Another common factor is ‘the continuity’ with both the cases. You can’t build a business empire out of a startup overnight. So, better be practical, target a possible milestone and achieve it rather than aiming for an illusive dream and keep  dreaming for it all your life.

No matter how good a person’s intent are, but they doesn’t matter if he can’t communicate the same. He will always be judged by the society on the basis of his interactions. Nobody cares what your intent are if one finds invidious arrogance in you. Give respect and then you can expect some in return. Smart and intelligent communication is an essential attribute that ‘makes a name’ and ‘fetches some fame’ in the society.

Talking of communications, every startup or small business should look forward to communicate in a manner that invokes faith in the audience about your service/product. And for that, they must maintain smart communicative platform that offers a seamless connectivity.

For such type of communications, you need to manage a good connectivity. The IVR Cloud Telephony has time and again proved it’s efficiency as one such platform. IVR leverages the very stable Cloud Technology, which is reliable and easy to maintain technique for affluent connectivity.

It is essentially a very organized and simplified communicative solution that has numerous benefits in such kind of business communications. It helps in interacting with the customers and effectively offers the service a caller is seeking. Such an organized and cordial communication plays a very important role in building your value as a trusted business amongst people.

These are few healthy prospects of an IVR based communication platform vital for every small business/Startup.

  • Precise Automated Receptionist

When a caller calls you, the IVR greets the caller and works proficiently as a receptionist which follows an automated process. This type of virtual receptionist gives choice to the caller and effectively directs the user to his desired department.

It is not only a smarter but also an easy way to engage your customer while he is on a call. You need not have to keep a receptionist to manage your callers.

  • Form a Good First Impression

The use of IVR is very beneficial for startups and small business because it manages to create a long lasting impression on the mind of your caller.

While small business and startups may not have too many staff members or departments, using such an organized communicative platform effectively makes an impression of a bigger and well managed business organization.

  • Route the Customers to Right Department/Agent

After greeting the callers, the automated machine response assists the caller and leads him to the service of his choice and ably directs the call to a free agent for resolving customer issues.

This is actually a very simple and effective way of entertaining the queries and problems of your customer without any stress as such.

  • Manage High Call Volumes with Ease

Using ordinary way of communication makes it really problematic to communicate with the right person in the company for any ordinary customer. You will have to maintain many contact numbers.

All these things complicate the process and often, your customers returns disappointed by the poor response of business. IVR on the other hand is much convenient in comparison and productively manages high call volumes.

  • Automate Customer Support

The customer support services are often irritating when they work on ordinary communicative mediums. IVR is a really clever way to organize and conduct customer care support by providing numerable solutions on a single call.

This makes the caller more confident about the support of a business as one actually gets an impression you are always there to help the customer when he needs your assistance.

  • Higher Satisfaction Index

If you are ably managing your callers, you will have a better chance of serving them the solutions without much fuss. The routing provides an exceptional way of transferring the calls to the agent which is free to take a call.

You can also make sure that certain type of queries are directed to a certain executive who is expert in handling such issues. This type of organized support system keeps most of your customers satisfied by your services and manages to build a healthy relationship with the customers.


A business runs on customers and if your customers are not handled in a proper manner, they often tend to switch to other available options. It is the duty of a startup to make sure that all its customers are answered and satisfied by the response. After all, a healthy and loyal customer base is most important attribute of any business turn into a brand.

5 Top Myths About Toll-Free Services Debunked

It is just not enough to establish a business but also indispensable to make it accessible to the customers. Toll-Free numbers allow your customer to contact you without any charge. These numbers are essential for any business since these have benefits like they add credibility to your business, they are easily accessible to customers, save money to customers, offer greater reach to business and more. These numbers are a must if you wish to provide customer satisfaction.

“ Happy customers are more loyal and more likely to refer your business forward, which in turn can increases business growth and increases opportunity”.

A Toll-Free number is a phenomenon which is gaining immense popularity nowadays. There are some growing misconceptions about toll free numbers that need to be cleared.

Debunked here are some common myths that are off-tracking businesses from securing its potential supremely:

Myth # 1: Toll-Free Numbers Cost a Bundle

Fact Most small business owners think that a toll-free number costs them an arm and a leg and are hesitant to use these numbers. But, they fail to see the bigger picture. Finding the right service for call tracking make a big difference.

These 1800 numbers are thought to be costly and this is the reason a business man think that it is not of their use.

But, you should know that these numbers can generate a huge return on your investment and can cover a wider audience in a short span of time.

Myth # 2: Call-Tracking Feature causes Technical Issues

FactGenerally it seems that a toll-free number requires greater manpower and staff to perfect them. But, this is absolutely not true.

Implementing a call tracking feature is as simple as adding an extract of codes to the web pages. Call tracking feature starts to fetch useful data as soon as the code is set up. It is easy, effortless and does not require too much technicality.

Myth # 3: Resolving Customers Issues takes Time

Fact People think that due to disconnected systems, complex user interface and multiple applications causes system overload. But the fact is when a customer query needs a resolution then a toll-free number reduces the overall call handling time and thus speeds up the query.

This is done by setting up multiple channels such as voice mail, email, or personal phone numbers can resolve customer queries.

Myth # 4: SEO Gets Hampered

Fact Wrong again!! In the past, this was a great deal and people fear that call tracking was harmful to the SEOs. The fear involved that if Google mentioned inconsistent phone numbers of your business, it might push your pages down on the search engines. Well yes, this can be a real fear if the phone numbers are used inappropriately.

But, the Dynamic numbers display virtually using JavaScript, based on the keyword or source of the visitor. The hard coded phone numbers do not change and make no negative impact on SEO.

Myth # 5: No use of Toll-Free Number because you are focusing on driving Traffic to your Website

FactThis myth does not mean that you need an easy-to-remember number for advertising. As 20% of people still don’t use the Internet and it is not necessary that they come to your website.

Bill Quimby says-

“The most tangible and measurable benefit of a great vanity number is an increased response rate to all advertising”.

Well yes, A toll-free number can be of great use and a good toll-free number can increase your response rate more by 12% to 42%.

Now, You can see that how these myths are getting between you and valuable data.


How ‘Intelligent Communication’ can change the fortune of your business?


When your marketing efforts begin to turn futile your concern becomes obvious….

Establishing your brand name seems to be an uphill task? If yes….read on to explore certain unknown facts about how intelligent communication can be of real help.

Business enterprises strive hard to be recognized as a brand in the market. At times, there are brands which ran successful marketing campaigns but still, their Sales fell short unlike the phenomenal success that their marketing campaigns achieved.

Make no mistake, it is not at all the fault of Marketing tactic. It is just a long term impact caused due to ill communication that failed to leverage the impact created by the Successful Marketing Campaign. This is a clear indication about the critical role of Communication in Branding.

Using Communication as the Soft Power for Branding!

We generally form perceptions about every person we meet. Just on the basis of our interactions with the person, we manage to manipulate the entire personality of the person. The same is true for Businesses too. Smart communication is an equally compulsive attribute along with the Qualitative Services to ensure Customer Satisfaction.

Keeping this in mind, whenever a business communicates to a Customer, it ought to behave as a dignified Organization. And this is really important for any business to present itself as a relevant entity. You must not ignore the fact that customer will perceive an image on the basis of these communications. If, by any chance, the Customer gets a negative impression, it is impossible to overturn it.

  • You are more likely to befriend people if you are a good communicator whereas, an introvert is less likely to develop new relationships with ease. It is a natural truth we is universally accepted by one and all. A business may not expand until and unless it is able to engage more and more people with its Services. Customers prefer better communicators. This is obvious because good communication is essential for development of trust and reliability in every Business-Customer relationship. These aspects are part of general behaviour of every person. We can’t change the fact however much we may try.

This is the same as in case of painting. Once you paint a color on a blank paper, the color impression will remain over there no matter what you paint over it. It won’t just vanish as such.

Similarly, once a negative perception is formed, it will not change. It might fade away by forming an improved impression but it won’t simply get deleted from his memory. So, it is much better to use communication as a soft power for branding your Business or Startup.

If you will give the due respect to a Customer, he will inevitably revert the same. So, Communication could be ‘too perfect-a-tool’ to entice and impress your Customers. Your customers will never jump over you if you interact proactively and always anticipate and reflect an empathy to the person.

This is more satisfying for a person to receive the due respect as a Priority Customer from the Business each and every time he interacts with them. In fact, if you are able to convincingly communicate with a customer, he won’t dishearten with a straight sore ‘NO’. Communication is the basic medium of expression. And that’s the reason communication could just be a softer weapon to develop a good perception, whether if it is about a person or an organization.

Satisfied Customer is the greatest asset of a successful Business!

A business always trying to build a big and loyal Clientele. Whether it is Marketing or Customer Relationship management, a business has to interact with more and more customers on various levels of Business. Smart businesses look at it as an opportunity to win customer’s loyalty.


A successful business rests on three fundamental principles of;


  • Productivity
  • Profitability
  • Compatibility


Unless you can’t prove your compatibility to your customers, you can’t make sure that he returns back to you for the same service over and over again. Truth be told, most of the top brands producing similar products are all equivalent in quality, but they have a different set of clientèle due to different styles of Customer-Relationship Management or Customer Interaction.

Why Proactive Communication keeps a Business ahead of the curve?

Proactive Communication flatters the customers with advanced preparedness. It is popularly said that a proactive Business is the one which reaches the Customer before he turns into a Lead. Though it is a hard target to achieve yet you should never give up.  At least, you can try to stay a step ahead of the customer. It makes for sharper service and satisfies more Customers. Satisfaction and trust which are two basic elements to establish Loyal Customer Base.

Tools for Business Communication – There are many tools which are available for Businesses to interact with their customers conveniently. Cloud based communications have proved very efficient for developing a reliable path of communication between a Business and its Customers. IVRS and Toll free services are competent mode of Business Communication which is not so vulnerable to disturb. Stable mode of communication is always the better ‘go to’ option.

Beneficial aspects of Proactive Business Communication –

  • Improved Service Productivity which adds more weight to product value which is important to increase the demand.
  • Business Continuity Management means the smoother flow of process means more Business in lesser time.
  • Reducing the Mean Time To Resolve

A Business thrives on profitability. This is no rocket science and a well-established fact which most of us are familiar with. But Practically, most Businesses are always fighting for the sake of survival, leave alone ‘Growth’ and ‘Expansion’. The Market is growing more competitive with every passing day.

This goes down to show us the practical reality which most Businesses do not care for. But it results into hardships in the maintenance of their product/service credibility and retains customers for a long time.

We are committed to make business intelligent for you…we thrive only when you start thriving.

Why your business need an IVR

business-ivrIVR is an interactive voice response that is automated by the computer system and allows people to connect with the computer’s database, that can be via emails, fax etc., usually it is the telephone.

We all are aware of the concept of the call centers… Do we..??
‘Press 1 for sales’,’Press 2 for marketing’… Yeah..?? Remember..?

The IVR service firstly deployed in the 1970s for the use of call centers, but it was too expensive and with the complicated technology.
Now it’s being a decade later that the technology became more affordable, cost effective and able to used with voice recognition.
Voice recognition helps your customer to collect information without wasting their time with prerecorded messages in detail.

For Example: If you call any operator’s (such as airtel, vodafone, BSNL, idea etc.) customer care and want to know about your balance and validity then IVR helps you to reach the particular destination of information and with the help of the computer’s database, and the voice recognition feature, announce your balance details with validity (if applicable).

IVR is of two types, usability depends on the demand:

  • Inbound IVR: use to automate the calling answering process.

For example: ‘Press 1 for DTH’,‘Press 2 for the Internet’,‘Press 3 for other assistance’ etc.

  • Outbound IVR: use to take the feedback from the customer.

For example: After solving the customer’s query, you can make an automated IVR call to the customer and ask ‘Press 1 if you are satisfied or Press 2 if you are not satisfied.’

Why only IVR?

Grab every call

Your every call is an important one as your customer. You may miss a big order call but now you will never miss any call whether your phone is switched off or not with you for some reason. IVR services give you a list of all the customers who called you and whose call was missed.

Intense fight

There are many companies are in hurry to grab the attention of the customers but unfortunately, they fail because of the low budget.

Although the multinational companies don’t give attention to the individual customers but they use large marketing budget and images to grab their attention to them.

But what about the small businesses, what should they do…??
They do not have the high budget and have any image in the market too.
The IVR services are not less than a boon for them. Now they can provide all type of customer service in their low budget.

Enhances company’s image

You undoubtedly want to impress your caller and convey a big company image but you do not want to expense too much like a real receptionist. Through the IVR services, you can handle the calls for multiple departments and project a professional business image by providing the extension for each function.

Location doesn’t matter

No matter where you are, you can manage the call routing to your home, mobile or any other number. Enjoy your convenience and never miss your crucial phone call too.

MIS (Management Information System)

Don’t worry..! If you are out of papers. IVR services come up with call logs, call recordings and notifications features for each call. Now you do not have to remember what details you gave to each of the prospects.

Number ends with your business

Suppose your business grows and you want to move your business. But if you are dealing with your customers by your regular phone numbers, what would you do now..? You may call each and every customer and inform about the relocation…. Don’t you think it’s going to be very hectic and impossible..??
The IVR services give you a solution for this, now your number will never change doesn’t matter what is your office location.

IVR services are all about No Hardware ! No Software ! As Easy as your Email 🙂

How Are Toll Free Numbers Disconnected and Made Available to Others?


It so happens sometimes that when you check with the instant 800 Lookup or dial a toll free number, it is found to be disconnected. These numbers are in the transition period and said to be in the “Aging Process.” and they are returned to the available pool so that new users can order them.

Why Toll-free Numbers Are Disconnected?

Needless to say, toll free numbers get disconnected either when subscribers cancel the number or fails to pay for the number in the given time frame. The number gets disconnected and go back to the operators where new subscriber can order. But what happens in the meantime?

What is Waiting Period?

Waiting period is the period which is meant for giving the previous owners a substantial amount of time to retrieve their old number. This is also done with the purpose of cutting down the possibilities of wrong numbers. Sometimes the owners retrieve their numbers but most of the time they do not.

What Are You Looking For?

So, if you have taken a fancy towards any number, you must be on a look out. But, yes even if you are all out to seize them at the earliest opportunity, it takes a considerable time and effort. That apart, they would definitely cost you more than the other ordinary numbers. It is important to note that there are certain grabbers that seize these numbers for selling or renting these numbers at a fabulous amount.

There are certain instances when phone companies disconnect toll free numbers internally only and do not disconnect them in the national database. These numbers which are disconnected only locally do not find place in the aging process.

Why There is Such a Huge Demand of Special Toll-free Numbers?

The biggest reason of toll free numbers being in such a huge demand is that it brings more customers to your business or supporters to the cause that you are promoting. The vanity toll free number proves to be no lesser than a boon to your brand image! So, grab the asset before someone else grabs it!

Cloud Telephony Improves Business Communication. Is it So?


Do you know why more businesses than ever are rushing to adopt the cloud? It is so because cloud brings multiple benefits to your businesses. Of late, talks of cloud telephony revolutionizing businesses communication are doing the rounds.

Fast and Easy Access to Information:

Apparently, just because cloud-hosted communication combine voice, text and document control technologies, it ensures quicker and easier access to information. This makes communication easier and quicker.

Work Seamlessly:

The cloud telephony enables your staff to work together seamlessly, to collaborate with your colleagues, suppliers and their customers efficiently. Your employees can handle calls when they are not in the office even. They never miss a single call from any prospective client as  there are a wide range of functions using which they get all details of the people that have called their businesses. They never get busy tones as several lines run parallel together. Companies can also avail the feature of auto attendants to guide the callers to their destination points.

Call Recording for Training Purpose:

Call recording service is also provided with the cloud based virtual numbers. This call recording facility helps during training, for improving quality of services and also for the security purposes.

Virtual Meetings Help in Cutting Down Costs:

Virtual meetings with the remotely located team members helps reducing the cost of travel and save valuable time of your staff. The features like call logs and call management etc. were affordable only to large companies that can make huge initial capital investment.

Owing to the hosted nature of cloud services, users can make access to the latest technology and that too at cost-effective rates. No doubts, communication is the backbone of any business and switching to the cloud telephony is a cost-effective and smart way to make communication wheel moving towards the right direction.