Reasons to add Click To Call Services on your Webpage

click-to-callBefore taking new service, the customer doesn’t know anything about it, do a lot of research online before they make a purchase or commit.
How can your small business engage the visitor if you do not have any attractive way to engage them?
A click-to-call service can do the trick. CTC also called click-for-talk or click-to-dial, is a technology that converts web traffic into voice telephone connections using Voice over IP.
It is a CRM technology because CTC service offers immediate voice connectivity in real time i.e. click-to-callback, where the visitor who is browsing a company’s website can leave their phone number to which a representative can call back.
Either way of using click to call is – it is an interactive button on the web page when you click on the button, initiates a call from the visitor’s computer to a specific phone number or extension.

Click-to-call services can be added everywhere like web pages, emails, text ads, online banner ads. Here are some reasons why you should add CTC services:

Easy Approach
Now your customer can easily access you because it is all free for the customer and they do not have to dial a number from their mobile or press more buttons to reach on the live operator. CTC simplifies the calling process, in one click your customer can reach you. All the caller needs are a web browser (where the number will display) and a microphone (to speak and listen) on their device.

Appease your customer
CTC can provide customer satisfaction because when your customer wants to inquire about the payment, refunds, delivery or other support services, prefer to talk over the phone rather than other communication channels like text messages or emails.

Boost your revenue
According to Jupiter research, this technology can increase your revenue by 45 percent because now it is easy for your customer to connect you. On average, companies have experienced 100 percent of an increase in the revenue by using the CTC technology.

Click-to-call is less expensive because a click-to-call voice call is placed over the internet, there are no tolls to pay. So don’t pay for calls you receive, callers can contact you using a regular local-area-code phone number. This saves your customer and your small business money too. That’s why CTC is helpful on e-commerce and product support pages.

Toll Free Number for E-commerce sites

What is e commerce?

E-commerce is business in the online environment. Here all transactions, deals take place over the internet.
Buying and selling goods on the Internet is one of the most popular examples of ecommerce. Sellers create storefronts that are the online equivalents of retail outlets. Buyers browse and purchase products with mouse clicks.
Most small business startup books recommend that you obtain a 1800 number for your business, especially if you are running an eCommerce store.
But these days, long distance calling is mostly free or extremely cheap. In today’s age of 1800 number really a needful.Should encouraging more customers to contact your business via phone rather than going online to make a purchase be one of your goals

Why e commerce companies use toll free number?

  1. Announce a new product
  2. Showcase your Website
  3. Promote a sale
  4. Announce new online payment options
  5. Spotlight new product lines or distributors

Why customers calls on toll free number?

Customers wants to know more about online products.
Customer call on toll free number because he wants help for payment option
Customer save their time to purchase online product .
Customer call on toll free number because he wants to know about new offers and sale.

Example: etc

Toll Free Number for E-commerce Sites

Group buying sites, discounted fashion brand retailers and specialised online stores have started to dominate the brick and mort stores in India. Online retail is picking up in India, effects can be shown on FDI in retail. Throwing light on 100 % FDI in single brand retailing, 100% FDI in Single brand retailing can contribute half a percent of total FDI in next 5 years and, if even 10% of this investment can be planned for Online retail, a new online opportunity market of about USD 400 mn or INR 2000 crore in next 5 years will be up for grab only through single brand retail on internet.The business model of online retail companies is far more robust than the companies set up in the first phase ten years ago.

Many of e-commerce sites have adapted models better suited to Indian needs eg: a combination of factors like cash on delivery, buy two and return one, attractive discounts on every purchase, to create own designs for t-shirts, jewellary etc, imported labels in garments, perfumes and gizmos. Even some sites are specific segment based like fisher prise, babyoye, mybabycart etc have targeted to the children with the complete age group and some sites have targeted to students for the online books and accessories purchase as flipcart, infibeam, gadgetsguru etc. E-commerce online gaming sites are becoming more entertainer by providing platform to online gamers with the attractive online games.
Basically sites set up by media houses like Sify, Rediff, Indiatimes, Homeshop18 and travel, insurance, movies show booking, online recharge sites, Flipcart, Yellow pages etc have the wonderful positioning in the mind of online customers with the outstanding 24X7 customer support making them delight and attracting for another online purchase to save the time and other hassles.

How toll free 1-800 is useful in E-commerce

1. In e- commerce 1-800 Toll free no service can be used as single Help line no for various order placing.
2. Through the 1-800 toll free no customers can get the proper information of the selected product on the respective site.
3. Companies can get the confirmation also regarding customer’s placed order via toll free out bound calls.
4. Customer may register their complaints and even give their feedback via Toll Free no by selecting the respective option in IVR.
5. Toll free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) panel will update the record of customers’ calls for long time by providing avenue to e-commerce sites to enhance the publicity by helping and delighting their online customers.


Benefit of availing 1-800 Toll Free no service in E-Commerce sites

1. Customer help line Toll free 1-800 no works as the convenience and assistance tool for potential online customers.
2. Toll free 1-800 no stands as 24X7 availability tool in front of the customers.
3. Enhance availability of instant services to needy customer.
4. Toll Free 1-800 no also works as tool for awareness of various products mentioned in the e- commerce site.
5. Hassle free approach to the required & selected products via toll free 1-800 no create value positioning in the mind of website visitors.
6. Via Click to call e-commerce sites can provide free web calling feature to their website visitors by just a click on call option.
7. Call Back Service in e-commerce site increases the potential data base of the customers by just a miss call on 1-800 toll free no.