Why You Should Replace Your Office Receptionist From Virtual Receptionist Now

Trying to mark your presence in the competitive world? Well, we all try some or the other tactics to remain in the market. If you have a business where you receive thousands of call in a day then here is a right thing for you.

Well, if it often happens with you that an important call may be missed out when your receptionist is not at her place of attending the calls then this Virtual Receptionist helps in attending of about thousands of calls and replaces the need of a human. An auto attendant who receives your call automatically attends the call, greets the customer and directs them to the right person by just simply pressing a number.

Like, When a caller calls and hears a fancy voice saying Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support, Press 3 for Billing, and so on..

The system has a schedule based on when you need them. Like you can decide to have a virtual receptionist on your calls after office hours, on weekend, mornings only, every day, or even can use when your virtual receptionist is on a break or holiday. You can easily customize and change your virtual receptionist schedule anytime.

Reasons why Virtual Receptionist is convenient to you…

A Virtual receptionist is definitely a must for your business. As you might have always considered and used a traditional receptionist to handle all calls, the receptionist might fret out what to reply in return which does not happen with a virtual receptionist.

  • Available 24/7

A Virtual receptionist is available anytime as the voice is recorded before and played whenever a caller calls the number. Being available 24/7 helps customer makes a call anytime and trust you more. So if you think that you can make customers even after office hours this Virtual receptionist IVR is perfect for you.

Use this virtual receptionist IVR on your toll-free number and let customers greeted by a fancy voice which makes easy for them to leave any query with the assurance that the call will assist them and someone will reciprocate.

  • Saves Your Time And Money

Virtual receptionist helps a businessman in managing his time more effectively. An IVR recording makes everyone at the office feel free without any tension of receiving the call and instead focus on their work as they know the call will be made automatically and recorded in the IVR system.

This helps a company in making the investment needed to help their company grow. A virtual receptionist is a great help for your business and proves beneficiary in every way with saved resources.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Imagine you make a call to a company and hear a fancy voice on the other side of the receiver, this creates a huge impact on the business and feel that you are being attended whenever you call. This will help you in collecting feedback of clients through IVR and can optimize client’s experience. These services will surely help your business.

IVR represent a managed system which helps in managing customer service in a synchronized manner.

  • Lead Generation

When your clients call you they can select their services as per their requirements using the directions given by the IVR. The lead generator can be used to polish and optimize call traffic.

The high quality phone calls impress your customer and also improves attendance at marketing events. It makes your client remember you more through the IVR voice and makes brand images which results in lead generation.


It is a no less fact that virtual receptionist can work wonders for your business. As technology is moving ahead everywhere, for uniqueness and ease in work you should replace your office receptionist now from the virtual receptionist.

6 Problems that Small and Medium Businesses Face Today

We live in a generation, where things are changing rapidly especially in business. Even for small businesses, things tend to change more than you expect. You cannot always have the same idea and plan, you have to alter with the changing time.

Start-ups are not prepared for the problems coming their way. Things are never so easy for a small business owner. Every small business owner faces thousands of problems but with the determination and a proper solution they can find the right solution.

You feel the same?? Don’t worry!! Every other person goes through the same problem. And there are certain things which you can avoid and make your business grow.

Every start up company that takes off, has some tales of regret and failure. Both small and medium business have some problems that they face today and needs to be fired out.

Let us take a look at business problems that small and medium business face today.

Wrong Investment

The most common problem faced by small as well as a medium business today is money. Money is a great source and motivation but cannot be taken as the only motivation to work. The biggest mistake, the small businesses do is yearned to earn instant profits. Every small and medium company desire to earn profits and it is absolutely okay to think that way.

Many times the business is conducted in cash, and the owners may not have business credit cards or lines of credit.

If you are starting a business, my opinion for you is to start slowly and patiently. Ensure that you have enough money to sustain.

Problematic Patents

Getting legal rights to your product is as important as starting a business. This ensures that no one can lay claim to it and your idea is secure. You don’t want to be someone like Robert Kearns who has invented an idea and faced a lengthy court case to prove to be his own.

Make sure you don’t suffer from such problem and protect your product or idea through patenting and trademarks.

Getting the Right Partner

Choosing your partner and picking the right person is as important as starting a business. Your business growth and future profits depend upon the knowledge of your partner.

Experts say that choosing your relative or friends as your partner could blur the boundaries and you may not take great decisions together.

Unskilled Team

Lack of knowledge and skills are the top most mistakes made by entrepreneurs. It is important that you have a vast knowledge about the industry you are working on. Lack of knowledge and proper planning might arouse some problems on tackling business.

You must possess the skills before you start a business. You need to go through some of the points before starting up!!

  • technical knowledge,
  • proper research,
  • ask other business owners,
  • read relevant books,
  • websites and more.

You might suffer losses if you don’t acquire too much knowledge and skills before you start your business.

Lack of After Sales Support

Customers play a major important role in the growth of a business. When customers are buying your product, they expect instant customer service with best results. Customers feedback and their questions need to be answered to make them your permanent and happy customers.

Providing your customer some after sales service is the best way to enhance your business. You can use a Toll-Free number and can reach out thousands of your customer.

Marketing Blunders

Marketing is the major and important part of your business. And as you know, you can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything. Marketing your product increases their knowledge among customers and making it favorable and likable.

Once you get a clear idea about where to target your market and your competition, you can allocate a budget for advertising and promote your business. You can also decide which medium to advertise.

These are some of the major problems and ways to tackle with your business, which small and medium business face today.

Let’s put some efforts to make your business grow more!! Get a toll-free number for your business today and let a large number of customers reach you with their queries. This will help you to convert them into leads and make your business grow.


7 Unknown Facts About Toll Free Numbers That You Would Love to Know


Social media, emails and toll free numbers have become more of a necessity than a matter of choice. No business can imagine to thrive without these three. However, myths surrounding the toll free numbers cloud your vision and you cannot take the right decision. Let us have a quick look at 10 vital facts about the free phone numbers that you do not know.

  • 1800 is a prefix for all the toll free numbers that you buy in India. International toll free numbers have 800, 888, 866, 877 as prefixes.
  • You own your toll free number once you are subscribed to it.
  • These numbers are portable and hence if you change the service providers you can retain your old number.
  • Toll free numbers have been around in the market for more than 35 years.
  • There are vendors that offer you lucrative packages which will look you tempting but yes you should beware of the hidden charges which may surface in only when they are billed.
  • You are provided with a Custom Relationship Management Panel with all toll free numbers that helps you analyse, monitor and track calls. You can check the call logs and track the missed calls.
  • Refrain from purchasing toll free numbers from direct operators, if you do so then you would not be given the facility of IVR, call forwarding etc.

How Toll Free Number Works?

Toll free numbers can be customized as per your budget and needs. Gone are the days when error-prone staff used to handle the calls manually and you tend to miss leads after the office hours. Once the number is dialed, the Service Switch Point (SSP) of the telephone number recognizes it as a toll free number by its prefix. This in turn prompts it to query the Service Control Point or SCP which contains the routing instructions that are set up by the called party.