Why You Should Replace Your Office Receptionist From Virtual Receptionist Now

Trying to mark your presence in the competitive world? Well, we all try some or the other tactics to remain in the market. If you have a business where you receive thousands of call in a day then here is a right thing for you.

Well, if it often happens with you that an important call may be missed out when your receptionist is not at her place of attending the calls then this Virtual Receptionist helps in attending of about thousands of calls and replaces the need of a human. An auto attendant who receives your call automatically attends the call, greets the customer and directs them to the right person by just simply pressing a number.

Like, When a caller calls and hears a fancy voice saying Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support, Press 3 for Billing, and so on..

The system has a schedule based on when you need them. Like you can decide to have a virtual receptionist on your calls after office hours, on weekend, mornings only, every day, or even can use when your virtual receptionist is on a break or holiday. You can easily customize and change your virtual receptionist schedule anytime.

Reasons why Virtual Receptionist is convenient to you…

A Virtual receptionist is definitely a must for your business. As you might have always considered and used a traditional receptionist to handle all calls, the receptionist might fret out what to reply in return which does not happen with a virtual receptionist.

  • Available 24/7

A Virtual receptionist is available anytime as the voice is recorded before and played whenever a caller calls the number. Being available 24/7 helps customer makes a call anytime and trust you more. So if you think that you can make customers even after office hours this Virtual receptionist IVR is perfect for you.

Use this virtual receptionist IVR on your toll-free number and let customers greeted by a fancy voice which makes easy for them to leave any query with the assurance that the call will assist them and someone will reciprocate.

  • Saves Your Time And Money

Virtual receptionist helps a businessman in managing his time more effectively. An IVR recording makes everyone at the office feel free without any tension of receiving the call and instead focus on their work as they know the call will be made automatically and recorded in the IVR system.

This helps a company in making the investment needed to help their company grow. A virtual receptionist is a great help for your business and proves beneficiary in every way with saved resources.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Imagine you make a call to a company and hear a fancy voice on the other side of the receiver, this creates a huge impact on the business and feel that you are being attended whenever you call. This will help you in collecting feedback of clients through IVR and can optimize client’s experience. These services will surely help your business.

IVR represent a managed system which helps in managing customer service in a synchronized manner.

  • Lead Generation

When your clients call you they can select their services as per their requirements using the directions given by the IVR. The lead generator can be used to polish and optimize call traffic.

The high quality phone calls impress your customer and also improves attendance at marketing events. It makes your client remember you more through the IVR voice and makes brand images which results in lead generation.


It is a no less fact that virtual receptionist can work wonders for your business. As technology is moving ahead everywhere, for uniqueness and ease in work you should replace your office receptionist now from the virtual receptionist.

Get free Virtual Receptionist for your business

Free Virtual Receptionist
Free Virtual Receptionist

Nothing can beat free… right? Yes, you get it right. We are giving away free Virtual Receptionist numbers for life to any business, which is based in Lucknow, U.P., India.

You will get ample incoming credits to run your number smoothly without paying us any thing.

Rental: Rs 0 / month
FCV: Rs 500 per month (i.e. you don’t have to pay us anything if your usage is less than Rs 500)
Call Rate: Rs 1 per minute (Once you crossed the Rs 500 limit then you will be charged Rs 1 per minute)
Hidden Charges: None (You pay us nothing to start the services)

What do we need to start your services?

  • ID and address proof of proprietor (firm) or any one director (company)
  • One consent that you are agreeing with our Terms of Service
  • Proof of your business

Special Terms

  • If there is no usage for consecutive three months on your numbers than ZNI reserve its right to terminate your account.
  • No illegal use allowed. You can not publish our numbers on promotional SMS.
  • This offer is not for individual and one proof of business is required.
  • You will only get one channel in this plan. You can not increase it.
  • Reselling is not allowed. We will terminate your account if found you are reselling this plan.
  • This offer is valid for first 1000 customers and on first come first serve basis only. There is no guarantee that you can get this offer.

Virtual Numbers with IVR for your Small / Home Business

IVR Number, Virtual Numbers, Cloud Telephony

  1. Are you working from home or a solopreneur?
  2. Don’t want to give out your personal number to your business contacts but also reluctant to carry multiple devices?
  3. Having trouble finding out missed calls while attending an important meeting?
  4. Do you want to track how many calls your employees received for the campaign you ran on radio or local news paper?

If your answer is “Yes” for any of the above questions than you need a virtual number from Ziffy.

A virtual number works like a normal mobile number i.e. 09565636563 or 09554443322 but with many advance features like:

    • Auto call handling with pre-set IVR.
    • Advance call forwarding depending upon business hours.
    • Call routing to multiple users depending upon their availability.
    • Real time call logs.
    • Instant missed call alerts via E-mail and PushAlerts (Android & iPhone) as well as on CRM panel.
    • A CRM panel to manage your call records.
    • 24×7 availability.
    • Can handle up to 6000 calls at a time.

How to get started?

You can either purchase the plan online or else call us on 0522-3098080 and one of our representative will guide you through activation process.

Plans and Costing?

Currently we are running a special promo offer:

Rental: Rs 3600/- per year
Setup: Nil
Security: Rs 1000 (your credit limit, refundable)
Call Rates: Rs 0.75 per minute

Ready to purchase? Call 0522-3098080 or Click Here

Virtual Receptionist & Virtual Assistant – Auto Answering Services

Now you can show a bigger image in front of your customers with Ziffy’s Virtual Receptionist Service. Virtual assistant will pick your calls automatically, capture customer’s input and forward calls to concerned person in a ziffy.

Enjoy the best services with best rates:

Plan Name: ZIFFYVRS25

Number: 10-digit (e.g. 7499490999)

Rental: Rs 6600 per year

Call Rates: Rs 0.25 per minute (including forwarding)

IVR Hosting: Free

Call forwarding can be done only on a Mobile Number (any mobile operator). A security amount of Rs 2200/- will also applicable. Transaction charges Rs 120 & service tax 12.36% will be extra on total amount.

Please note only one lavel IVR is allowed on this plan.

For more information please call 07499490999 or Dial 1800-200-5777 for instant call back.

Get a virtual receptionist @ Rs 300 per month

  • 20% of all ‘new’ business comes in by phone and 80% of callers will not ring back if they can’t speak to someone – are you missing valuable opportunities?
  • Finding the ‘right’ outsourced partner that you can trust will free up your time as well increase your profitability.

Ziffy Virtual Receptionist (ZVR) gives you confidence that none of your calls will ever get missed.

We take care of each and every call 24×7 along with the unprecedented features like:

  1. Real time call logging.
  2. Professional IVR in your customized voice.
  3. Call forwarding, Missed Call Alerts, Subscription based services available as free add-ons.
  4. 24x7 availability and unlimited* number of call handling per day.


Yearly Rental: Rs 3600/- (Service Tax  & Bank Charges will be extra)

Incoming Call Charges: Rs 0.75 per minute (includes call forwarding to your number).

Billing Method: Post-paid (monthly)

Terms of Service

    • Service will be provided on 0522 series number.
    • Call forwarding is allowed only on one number unless IVR is provided.
    • IVR recording should be provided by the client.
    • Amount paid is non-refundable
    • Usage bill will be provided every 30th day of your billing cycle and due amount should be paid within 3 days.
    • Setup charges of Rs 1000 will be charged extra and initial credit limit of Rs 1000 will be provided to the client.