Interesting Features of Toll Free Numbers that Help Your Business Grow


The latest promotional strategy in the corporate town that works is the use of 1800 toll free numbers. It can help you grow your business marketing skills. Technological up gradation in the form of toll free numbers has led to the evolution of toll free numbers in a big way. Whether you are a start up or into business for a long time, you should be aware of the features that can make this toll free numbers indispensable for you.

Plans Can be Customized as Per Your Needs and Budget:

Start up and work from home business cannot afford conventional mode of advertising. Radio, television commercials and advertisements in print do not fall into their budget normally. Getting a toll free number is a budget friendly and effective way to advertise when you have budget constraints. Plans can be customized as per your requirement and budget which gives you the best value

Portability Feature that Puts You at Ease:

If you plan to shift your business to a new location then you can do it without changing your present toll free number. Henceforth, shifting to a new location or switching to a new service would not make difference as you can retain your old number and do not lose your old clients.

Multiple Channels Means No Busy Tones Ever:

The other factor is enhanced customer relation and bond that you develop with your clients. There are many reasons for your clients to be happy they are not exempted from charge only but they can access you any time, anywhere and do not get busy tones which improves your relationship with customers.

Professional IVR Creates a Strong Brand Image of Your Company:

However small your company may be, a professional IVR creates a positive impact of your company having multiple departments.


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