Introducing Small Business / Startup Toll Free 1800 Plan

Small Business Toll Free 1800 plan

Just started your business? Out source your telecom requirement and lead management to India’s best cloud telephony service provider.

We have introduced a new Small Business / Startup plan for toll free 1800 numbers, which allows you to establish your brand and manage your leads more effectively.

Monthly Rental: Rs 3000
Free Call Value (per month): Rs 1000
Call Charges: Rs 1 per minute
Billing Term: 12 months
Setup: Rs 2000
Security: Nil
Credit Limit: Rs 2000 (provided by us)

Call 09554443322 or 0522-3098080


  1. Missed Call Alert
  2. 100% realtime logs
  3. Free IVR hosting
  4. Multi-level IVR
  5. Advance Call Forwarding
  6. Call Recording and Voicemail

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