IVR System For Small Business

IVR means Interactive Voice Response and it is an automated voice assistant, which runs over the telephone system.

IVR System for small business is a necessity these days. To understand what is IVR System and how it can help your business you can read our previous article here;

Day by day the cost of human resource is getting increased, not just salaries but there are other government compliances also, which increases the total cost of having a human resource just for handling calls and to route them to concerned departments.

Not just the call routing through a human resource is waste of time and money even some other tasks like providing the customers a fixed information through a script or data sheet by them kills valuable human working hours. Also, when it comes to human resource the time is limited. You can not ask them to work 24×7 unlike an IVR system without increasing your costs.

But there is a difference in expenditures when it comes to small business or startup and an SME (Small Medium Enterprise), which is already profitable.

So the question arises how can an IVR system help a small business in saving costs and running their operations smoothly?

An IVR system, especially which is procured through a Cloud Telephony service provider will save you a lot of cost and headache of maintaining the infrastructure for a fixed monthly rental.

Some other benefits are;

  • Available 24×7 even on holidays.
  • You will not miss a single call. Complete call records are maintained over the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Fixed monthly rental for the service instead of huge CAPEX in traditional telephony structure based on EPABX.
  • Huge savings in terms of human resource.
  • Advance call routing depending upon the time of the day, geographic region of the caller and the inputs made on the system.

IVR System Price

The price of the IVR system based on Cloud Telephony depends upon the multiple factors like number of simultaneous calls a customer is expected, how many agents are there to accept the calls and the expected call volume. However, the basic component of the IVR system costs around Rs 750 per month from a cloud telephony service provider.

Monthly RentalRs 750Rs 1000Rs 2000
Free Mins / Month100020005000
Call RecordingYesYesYes
Call LogsYesYesYes
Multi Level IVRYesYesYes

Above is an example how the pricing works for an IVR system from a Cloud Telephony service provider in India.

It is far better and cheaper for a small business to with a IVR system provider who is offering the service over the cloud because it will save a lot of cost in long run and will also give you the flexibility to scale the solution if required, for example when you are running some campaign.

IVR System Design

Designing an IVR system on a cloud platform is pretty easy. Either you can contact their solutions team and they will build that for you or you can also make that via drag-and-drop interface most of the IVR system provider give to you.

IVR Design Flow

It is always recommended to provide a flow chart to the service provider and let them build the IVR design for you. Since it is their system, they can make it right at the first attempt and also since you are paying them so let them do the hard work for you.

IVR System Hardware

The beauty of hosted IVR system like the one provided by Ziffy is that you don’t need any hardware or software at your end to run the IVR system. Everything is managed by the IVR service provider and you can just enjoy the benefits.

The only scenario it is advisable to own and setup the hardware when you are running some campaign, which no other Cloud Telephony service provider is ready to host.

If you still have any doubt about the IVR system and how you can implement them in your business then just give us a call on 9554443322 or 18001233733 and we will help you setup the IVR system for your business in minutes.

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