Know the Right Facts Before You Buy Toll Free Numbers


That they build your brand and prove to be the best value for the money are the two reasons that compel you to buy toll free numbers. But, there is much more than what meets the eyes actually! Whether you are a beginner with limited resources or a well-established business unit, get to know how it initiates business growth, how it helps in expanding marketing reach and how it keeps your business organized. Unleashed here are certain facts knowing which toll free numbers would no longer be a mysterious concept.

Gain 84% More Leads:

When your brand is yet to establish, you face a real tough time in generating leads. As per a recent study conducted, toll free numbers increases lead generation by 84%. This is so because they are easy remember, they do not cost anything to the customers. Besides this, you know that a majority of your customers remain busy. With the help of IVR or Interactive Voice Response facility that is provided along with toll free numbers, they can reach their destination without wasting their time.

Require Neither hardware Nor Software:

Toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that can be activated on the existing devices (landline, PBX, mobile). Henceforth, you need neither hardware nor software to buy toll free numbers which means you need only a little monetary investment. In fact, the mere upfront costs you will incur are the costs associated with calls only.

It Builds Brands for Sure:

Just come to think of it! When you call a company and get guided by a virtual receptionist to your destination, how do you feel? It is apparent for you to think high about the company. Not only this, toll free vanity numbers can spell your brand name and hence prove to be an effective marketing tool. Big companies invest a fairly good amount on marketing. Just buying a toll free number can make a sea of difference to your brand. For instance, 1800-Ziffy is a number that can give you the brand recognition from far and wide.

You Cannot Miss Leads:

This is so because toll free numbers come with a lot of features like call logs, call forwarding, missed call service and a lot others. These all features enable the subscribers to keep track of all the callers and hence missing leads become next to impossible.

More businesses than ever are waking up to the fact that toll free numbers empower their business. If you think that it is high time to trash your traditional phones and buy toll free numbers….be in touch.

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