Launching Subscription Module for IVRS

We are glad to introduce one more module for our IVRS services i.e. Subscriptions.

So what does “Subscription” means?

Subscription is an automated way to create an opt-in list for your users. As per TRAI you can not send any promotional details to the customers, if they are listed on DND or NCCPR registry but you can send them offers if, they have explicitly asked you for that. Therefore by adding subscription module on your IVR you can allow your customers to opt-in for the offers.

How to add in an Existing IVR?

Select the “IVR Settings” tab as displayed on the image above and select the “Subscription” from the drop down under option type. You can check the logs of (un)subscribed users from “Subscription Logs” tab.


Like all other module (i.e. Call Forwarding, Call Back Request and Voice Mail) “Subscription” module is also FREE with our IVR services.