Launching Toll Free 1800 IVR Call Back Service

We are proud to launch yet another toll-free product, which will save your significant costs and still provide toll-free 1800 number flavour to your customers.

How it will work:

We will setup an IVR on 1800 Number. Customer listen to the IVR and press 1. Once the customer press 1 his call will be disconnected and details will be sent to the business owner through e-mail and via PushAlert (android) app as well as on the CRM panel.

No call forwarding will be allowed on this service.

Monthly Rental: Rs 799/-
Security: Rs 2200
Term: 6 Months, Setup: Rs 2000
Term: 12 Months, Setup: Rs 1000 (Rs 1000 discount)
Incoming Call Rate: 1.25
Call Forwarding: No
IVR: Yes (only 1 level)
Service Type: Toll-Free 1800

Service tax (12.36%) and bank charges (Rs 120) will be extra.

For more details please contact from

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