Lifetime Free IVR Service With Toll Free Number

Get 10 years of IVR service for almost zero cost with a Toll Free number for just Rs 699 per month.

Times are tough for every business yet telephony is something, which every business needs to get to their customers.

Cloud Telephony, especially the Toll-Free numbers on the cloud telephony platforms are the best way to handle a distributed workforce and communicating with your customers from anywhere in the world.

To make the journey easier for the SMSE and startups we are launching a new Toll Free plan with lifetime free IVR service.

In this plan, you will pay just Rs 699/- + taxes for the Toll-free number and usage charges on a monthly basis.

There will be one time IVR charges for 10 years for the Cloud Telephony platform, which will handle and distribute your calls to your agents across India.

In comparison to other plans if we calculate the total cost of ownership for 10 years even with our cheapest plan of Rs 1500/- monthly rental you will be saving a lot of money.

Rs 1500 * 12 months * 10 years = Rs 1,80,000/-

with our Rs 699 plan the cost of ownership for 10 years would be:

Rs 699 * 12 months * 10 years + Rs 21,000 = 1,04,880/-

that’s the saving of Rs 75,120/- over 10 years.

There are not just monetary benefits. You can also avail the benefits of running different TFN numbers during the period.

Plan Details

TFN Rental (Rs)699
Lifetime IVR Rental (Rs)21000
Call Rate (Rs / Min)1
Total (Rs)21699
Tax (Rs)3905.82
Net Payable (Rs) One Time25605
Monthly Payable (Rs)699 + taxes

Terms & Conditions

  1. You can discontinue the toll-free number after 6 months anytime and get a new number again without paying the IVR charges (though you will have to pay TFN monthly rental on applicable rates at that time).
  2. If you will discontinue the services before six months of getting the new number then this will be regarded as a breach of contract and no further activations on the same IVR will be allowed.
  3. TFN rental should be paid on a monthly basis.
  4. Non-payment of TFN rental will lead to discontinuation of the services and you will have to get a new TFN. (Every new TFN will carry a setup charge of Rs 1,000/-).
  5. You can run only one TFN at a time and the difference between two numbers should be of three months at least.
  6. You can not resell this plan i.e., all the numbers activated will be on your’s name only.
  7. Toll-free rental will be charged only on a monthly basis and you can not pay that in advance.
  8. In case of any new or change in government regulations in relation to OSP or IVR Service Providers where ZNI couldn’t serve the customer anymore due to that, then there will not be any refund of any kind.

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