Market Evaluation of Toll Free Numbers


There is much buzz around the advantages of toll free 1800 numbers but are they really important to survive the corporate strangling? Have you ever come across any advertisement on print or electronic media that mentions toll free number? If not, just imagine a situation when you are hungry, cannot go out and come across an advertisement of a food joint mentioning a toll free number. Without thinking any further, you call on that number, don’t you? This is how your customers also think and tempted to call you when they see a toll free number of your product or service.

Now How the Marketing Survey Goes?

All the marketing surveys conducted so far have established the fact that businesses not using this technology lose prospective customers and business eventually. Marketing professionals all across the world are convinced about the fact that toll free numbers are bringing in 30% more orders than the conventional advertising methods actually do. Apart from that, statistics have shown that the product return rates also go down sharply. This is due to the simple reason. Customers tend to call you more because they are exempted from charges and hence their problems are actually resolved before they buy.

How the Productivity of These Numbers Can be Improved Further:

As per a recently conducted survey, people are motivated to respond on toll free numbers. However, purchasing alpha-numeric numbers can enhance their productivity further as these numbers spell your business and make people recognize your business via your toll free number. For example, if you own a fast food centre and have purchased a vanity toll free number by the name of 1800-Best-Fast-Food, or 1800-Your Company name, think of the booming business you may get! So the vanity toll free numbers are no lesser than a boon to your business.

The More You Expose them, the More You Would be Benefited:

To get the optimum benefit of toll free numbers you own you need to bring it to the notice of public at large. To get the maximum exposure of these numbers, you can print them on pamphlets, brochures and business cards.

Go toll free and let your prospective customers smell the air professionalism!


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