How to get toll free number for a business in India

Toll Free numbers are the most basic thing a business needs to build its brand in the market and to get leads from multiple sources as incoming calls.

Not long ago getting a toll free number was a tough task for any business but as the market matures and many new Telephony aggregators come into the market, getting the Toll Free number with IVR has now become very easy.

But with these many vendors in the market who are selling Cloud Telephony services for Toll Free and Virtual numbers, it has also rope many confusions in the mind of the consumer.

In this article, we are trying to answer some of the most common questions pertaining to getting the Toll Free number in India for any business.

How can I get a toll free number for free?

No company in India offers a toll free number for free. But you can always get some best deals from Cloud Telephony service providers.

Some providers offer 1,3,6 or even 12 months service free when you signup with them.

For example, we offer 12 months free with our 12 months Double Dhamaka plan i.e., you will get 12 months of service absolutely free.

How can I get toll free number in India?

To get a toll free number in India you have to contact a Cloud Telephony service provider or you can call 1800-123-3733 to buy a toll free number.

There are many vendors in the market who can give you a toll free number for you business. For example, you can get the number from a TSP (Telecom Service Provider) like Vodafone, Aritel or BSNL, however, their services are very limited in terms of what they can offer.

Almost, all of the TSP won’t provide you any IVR service or real-time call logs or CRM with their toll-free number service.

However, Cloud Telephony aggregators like Ziffy, will provide you IVR service, number, CRM, remarketing solution and many more features with a fraction of cost, which you will pay to a TSP.

How can I get a 1800 number?

A 1800 number is a Toll Free number, which allows your callers to call your business free of cost i.e., without paying a single paisa.

With 1800 Toll Free number you can build your business brand, which tells your customers that you care for them.

Are 1800 numbers free in India?

For business, No, they are not free. For customers, yes, they are free. A caller can call on a 1800 number and he will not be charged for the same, instead the owner of the 1800 number will get charged.

Who pays for a toll free call?

The owner of the toll free number pays for the calls received on it. Toll Free numbers are reverse charged number where the callers are not charged and instead the called party pays for the calls.

How can I get Tata toll free number?

TATA’s are the pioneer in telecom industry, though their mobility solution get closed they are still providing enterprise services.

To get a TATA toll free number you can visit their website however, before buying from there you can also check and compare the prices with other vendors from here.

How do I call a toll free number in India from USA?

There is no direct connectivity to call Indian Toll Free numbers from USA or any other country.

Most of the companies who offer toll free numbers also give their users access to Virtual numbers to call their call center.

Skype, Veber, etc., will not work to call Indian toll free numbers.

How can I check if a number is toll free in India?

A toll free number in India will always starts with 1800, followed by three digit operator code and then 1-6 digits of unique number.

So if you want to check whether a number is Toll Free or not, you can always check whether it is starting from 1800 or not.

Any number which does not start with 1800 is not a toll free number in India, except for some special use number of four digits e.g., 1090 is a Toll Free number but 56767 is not.

Similarly, 1800-123-3733 is a Toll Free number but 9554443322 is not.

How can I call a toll free number from my mobile?

There is no special method require to call a toll free number from your mobile. All you have to do is to goto the Dialer application of your mobile, punch in the toll free number, which starts from 1800 and press the call button.

How much is a toll free number?

The cost of a toll free number depends upon multiple factors like:

  • How many calls you will accept per day.
  • How many simultaneous call you want to accept.
  • How much is the duration of each call.
  • How much monthly fixed cost you are comfortable in paying.
  • Number of agents attending the calls.

By understanding the above question you can derive an average cost of ownership of a number.

For example, say you are expecting 1000 calls per day with 10 min average call duration and could get over 30 calls at a time then following formula will give you a glimpse of total cost of ownership for the toll free number:

Cost per month = (number of calls x call duration x 365) / 12 = 3,04,166

Rental = (Channels x 100) + (agents x 10) = 3300

The monthly cost would be Rs 3,07,466 per month.

How do I call a US toll free number from India?

The easiest way to call on a US toll free number from India is Skype. Get a free account from the Skype website, download the application on desktop or on your mobile and call the toll free number.

You cannot get through a US toll free number directly from your mobile because in USA a toll free number starts from 1800 or 800 and in both cases while you try to call on those numbers from India, than your operator will try to call the Indian number instead.

How can I get Vodafone toll free number?

If you are looking for a Vodafone Toll Free number for consumer complaint or to reach to their call centre than you call on 198.

One Nine Eight is a dedicated customer care number for the Vodafone if you are dialing from a Vodafone number.

If you are trying to dial from any other operator than you should dial 9820098200.

However, if you want to purchase a Toll Free number from Vodafone than first you should check our pricing here.

Check Toll Free number availability

To check the availability of a Toll Free number to purchase you can always call 9554443322 or 1800-123-3733.

This is the easiest way to check the availability of a Toll Free number in India.

How do I get a custom 1800 number?

A toll free number in India will always start with 1800, followed by three digit operator code and then 4 to 6 digits unique number.

Therefore in India, if you want to customise the Toll Free number than you have only last 4 to 6 digits to opt from.

However, not all operators will give you an option to choose last four digits of your choice. If you want to check whether your lucky toll free number is available for purchase or not, you can call on 1800-123-3733 or 9554443322 and talk to a consultant, who will check the availability for you.

Do you pay for toll free calls?

As you consumer or caller you will not have to pay for the calls made on a toll free number. However, the owner or the toll free or business whom you are calling will have to pay for those calls.

What’s the difference between toll and toll free?

Toll Free Numbers are free for the callers and only the called party is liable for the call charges. It’s a win win situation for the consumers.

Toll Numbers like 10-digit mobile numbers are regular numbers and only the person calling will pay for the call charges.

Do you have to pay for toll free numbers?

Yes, you will have to pay for the toll free numbers if you want to use one for your business.

You will have to pay for the;

  • Call/usage charges
  • IVR charges (if any)
  • Monthly rental for the number

Generally, this cost depends on many factors. However, you can always start with the cheapest toll free number plan and gradually upgrade your plan when your usage becomes high.

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