Reasons why IVR is important for your business

Reasons why IVR is important for your business

Interactive voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows humans to interact with the computers using recorded voice . IVR allows customers to find answers to their own inquiries by speaking (using the company’s speech recognition software) or giving inputs via a telephone keypad. Customer calls in your company. Call is answered, not by conventional receptionist but by an electronic receptionist, an automatic attendant. The answer your customer gets is, “Welcome to ABC Company. Dial the extension number of the department or person you want to reach” by a recorded voice. And thus it goes on giving you options.

For example, banks and credit card companies use IVR systems so that their customers can receive up-to-date account information instantly and easily without having to speak directly to a person.

Service is available 24*7

While it may be cost-prohibitive for many organizations to staff phone lines outside of regular business hours, an IVR can take messages or provide automated information so that the caller might be able to self-service. For example, if a caller simply wants to know about the package was shipped, the shipping information could easily be delivered through the IVR, even at 4:00 in the morning, and the caller would never need to speak to an agent nor call back during business hours.

Cost Reduction

Through IVR you can control your expenses and that money can be utilized in some other service or product. Company can save a large amount of money by not requiring to pay employee to take calls.

Call Recording

One of the greatest benefit of IVR is that it gives recorded call to the management with all the details. It helps the management to understand the customer reactions and their needs. It will help to understand why most of the customer call your organization. It will give an idea of most preferred product or service by the customers. Accordingly you can devise strategies to market your less preferred products.

Personal Branding

When a Customer calls you the call will automatically be answered with an introduction of your Company. For Example “Welcome to ABC Company we are happy to help you”. They will experience your brand voice and that will be followed by a customer friendly option to connect to their desired department. So through Toll Free Numbers you can give a good branding to your business.

The goal of most IVR systems is to allow customers to serve themselves by automating the calling process. The technology uses either touch-tone or speech-recognition technology to answer customer questions, handle their requests or point them in the right direction, all without having an employee speak with them directly. A successful businessman is the one who reaches out to the audience, leaves a lasting impression and continues to engage customers and as your business is different why not present it in a different way to the audience.

Use IVR and give your business a unique identity.

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