Resell Toll Free 1800 Numbers and become toll free service provider

In India there are 25 Lakhs registered SME & SMB and only few thousands are using toll-free numbers due to it’s activation hassles and recurring variable costs. But Ziffy is changing toll-free industry in India.

You can also be the part of this high growth industry and join the revolution.

Ziffy offer three plans for our partners to join and resell toll-free services across India.

  1. Associate
  2. Reseller
  3. Channel Partner


Every plan comes with different benefits and investment requirements.


Associates are the freelancers who are independent partners for Ziffy. They resell ziffy services on pay-as-you-go basis and take their share from the deal through Ziffy on monthly basis. This partner program is  best suited for individuals who are already working somewhere and looking forward for some extra or side income from their spare time.

Investment Required: Nil (click to register)


Resellers are independent companies who want to increase their product portfolio with Toll Free 1800 number service along with their own products. They purchase services in bulk from Ziffy and then resell to their customers on a white label panel with their own pricing and support.

Ziffy works in the background and provide all services and support to the resellers and the end user will get all support from the reseller.

Investment Required: Rs 20,000 (click to register)

Channel Partners

Channel Partners (termed as ZVP “Ziffy Valuable Partner”) are Ziffy franchise holders. They work on Ziffy’s name and brand and can offer all the services and features offered by Ziffy to their end users. All billing will be done on the name of Ziffy and channel partners will get a good share of the total sale per month.

ZVP are franchise holder for a whole city and all resellers and associates are directly billed by them on behalf of Ziffy. ZVP is provided only to the competent parties those have vast interest in promoting the product and capable of generating good sales per month.

Investment Required: Rs 1,00,000/- (click to register)