Revolution in Cloud Telephony Market: How Ziffy Had Brought it?


There was a time when landlines were the indispensable part of the offices till cellphones hit the market. But, the conventional methods of communication had their own constraints and drawbacks, thanks to cloud telephony, hassles of communications are done for once and for and business enterprises began to reap the profits. Ziffy has taken the precedence of bringing the concept of Cloud Telephony in the traditional city like Lucknow and since then more than a decade is passe and the company has reigned the market in the City of Nawabs.

The Technology Was in its Nascent Stage:

In the year 2001 when the concept of Cloud Telephony was still at the nascent stage, Ziffy took the initiative of putting fore the concept that has revolutionized the business communication. Start up companies were the major beneficiaries as it has helped them to save money on their monthly budget on phone bills.

Why and How the Demand of Technology Gone Up Abruptly?

Not only this, for the first time, there was a spurt in the demand for the technology has made it possible for the customers to call you free of charge. When the startup companies began to realize that the concept is helping them in multiple ways, the demand had gone up further. Professional IVR, call forwarding, missed call alert service and several other facilities which had enabled the businesses to organize their communication.

Why the Technology Began to Gain Edge?

  • No hardware installation and no maintenance charges.
  • No technical issues (have to be look after by the vendor).
  • Professional IVR that creates a brand image.
  • Managing calls and organizing business become easier with tons of facilities.


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