Send Bulk SMS From Your CRM

Nowadays it’s common to have software subscriptions from multiple SaaS vendors like Email from MailChimp, SMS from Twillo, Telephony from GrassHopper and CRM from HubSpot, etc.

However, the main pain point is how to manage, integrate, and keep all of them in Sync with the same data with different datasets.

For example, you want to run an SMS campaign on all the hot leads informing about the new plans, and send email blasts on all the unqualified leads, which are not junk or not-interested.

So, what would be the easiest way to do that? 

  1. Download the data from the CRM with different filters and then upload them into the respective software to run the campaign.
  2. Use another paid service like Zapier to sync the data between all the services, but that means you have to spend for it too.
  3. Use software, which will provide all these functionalities, e.g., Ziffy.

Ziffy is a new kid in CRM market but a veteran in helping businesses in generating the leads via Telephony & Web.

Ziffy is a 360-Degree lead management solution for business, which includes Pre-Sales Lead Management via analyzing Telephonic & Web Leads, Post-Sales Customer Engagement with Helpdesk, Invoicing, and Relationship management. To get a free account for your company, please visit

One of the tools for pre-sales lead engagement is SMS. With SMS marketing businesses can increase their lead conversion by 70% if executed in the right way.

With Smart SMS Groups (SSG), you can create self-sync groups from CRM data according to the dataset on which you want to run your marketing campaign.

For example, let’s say we want to send SMS on all the Hot Leads received within last one month and their current status is ‘Hot’ and was handled by ‘Tushar Bhargava’.

Generate Data As Per Requirement

Yes, creating a group with all those parameters is just one-step process with Ziffy’s SMS service.

Once the data is added to the group, you are ready to send SMS to all of them in just one click.

Dynamic Data Directly From CRM

You can send SMS in any language with our SMS panel, and it could be Transactional or Promotional.

Send SMS In Any Language

In India, the SMS is categorized in Promotional and Transactional. 

Promotional SMS or Bulk SMS as the name suggests is used for marketing and can be sent to any mobile user who is not registered in National Do Not Call Registry. 

These SMS can be sent between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM only and the sender ID contains 6-digit numeric data, which identifies the telemarketer sending the SMS.

Transactional SMS are Machine-to-Person (Mobile) SMS and are only used to send information to the user against some action, e.g., A SMS can be sent once a user registers on your website with his password, or booking number of the order, etc.

Transactional SMS can be sent 24×7 and to any number with a six-character sender ID.

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