Some Toll Free Conferencing Facts that You are Unaware of


The optional feature  of toll free conferencing can be used to your advantage. Do you know that  when you use it the way it should be, you can put your business on the map? Needless to say, this is just a phone call which involves 3-4 parties or more in an audio conference for free. The main organizer of the conference has to bear the cost of conversation session.

When to use Toll Free Conferencing?

In these cases:

  • You are a large team that has to be mutually dependant.
  • You have multiple business associates in the satellite offices.
  • You have to make a special presentation to the targeted audience.

Some Important Toll Free Conferencing Facts:

  • It involves more than two parties in a single conversation.
  • It may be configured in such a way that the other parties can hear your conversation only.
  • Though companies use this option for training, business meetings, workshops and demonstrations but this is basically a 3-way call that is available in most home phone services.

There are two Types of Teleconferencing Services:

One is the Flat Rate Conferencing where the users of the service have to fixed monthly subscription charges even for the unlimited number of calls.

The other type of conferencing is pre-paid conferencing. In this type, the callers are required to pay for the minutes they consume.

In case of toll free conferencing, callers do not have to pay anything to the providers for toll free conferencing. It is fast becoming a popular choice owing to its practicality and cost-efficiency.

Apparently, in the realm of marketing, free conferencing has proved to be an invaluable tool. To change your potential clients into your loyal customers, you need toll free conferencing.


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