advantages of cloud telephony

cloud telephony

Cloud Telephony For Business

Today, where technology is moving at the fastest pace and everyone is running after it to have the best ways and solution to improve the business. Yes, an organization gets benefitted the most with technology and how a business communicates and collaborate. The usage of smartphone, tablets and even telephone have become so common to […]

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What role Cloud Telephony plays in your business

Let me tell you the bitter truth…!! If you are still using clumsy on-premise communication products, you’re missing out (and you’re apparently paying way too much!). When you talk about a business, there is a lot of things you have to handle, in which communication takes a substantial part and it is complicated now because […]

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Few interesting uses of Toll Free Numbers

What do you think? Does anyone really care if their call is Toll-Free anymore? Does anyone really pay for long distance anymore? No. If no one really cares about calls being Toll-Free anymore, why do companies still invest billions on the service? Simple, they get the traits they need to manage their business. They control […]

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Why It is High Time to Shift Your Business to the Clouds?

Cloud Telephony: What is It? Prior to discussing its advantages to small and medium enterprises, let us first simplify the term: Cloud telephony. Basically, cloud telephony refers to the voice services. This technology allows you to make and receive calls and SMSes anywhere and at anyplace without the need of wires or set up costs. […]

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