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5 Top Myths About Toll-Free Services Debunked

It is just not enough to establish a business but also indispensable to make it accessible to the customers. Toll-Free numbers allow your customer to contact you without any charge. These numbers are essential for any business since these have benefits like they add credibility to your business, they are easily accessible to customers, save […]

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Why your business need an IVR

IVR is an interactive voice response that is automated by the computer system and allows people to connect with the computer’s database, that can be via emails, fax etc., usually it is the telephone. We all are aware of the concept of the call centers… Do we..?? ‘Press 1 for sales’,’Press 2 for marketing’… Yeah..?? […]

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Cloud Telephony Improves Business Communication. Is it So?

Do you know why more businesses than ever are rushing to adopt the cloud? It is so because cloud brings multiple benefits to your businesses. Of late, talks of cloud telephony revolutionizing businesses communication are doing the rounds. Fast and Easy Access to Information: Apparently, just because cloud-hosted communication combine voice, text and document control […]

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