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Why your business need an IVR

IVR is an interactive voice response that is automated by the computer system and allows people to connect with the computer’s database, that can be via emails, fax etc., usually it is the telephone. We all are aware of the concept of the call centers… Do we..?? ‘Press 1 for sales’,’Press 2 for marketing’… Yeah..?? […]

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7 Myths About Cloud Telephony Debunked

Gone are the days when employees had to work from the office 10am-6pm. Those conventional days are over now. These days employees need a flexible system that can be operated from anywhere. Cloud telephony has empowered the business organizations with flexibility. Without the use of hardware or cables you would be able to manage calls […]

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10 Reasons Why Cloud Telephony Helps in Managing Business Better!

Managing business communication becomes an uphill task especially in the lack of adequate infrastructure. However, communication being the backbone of any business enterprise, needs a special attention. When you are a start up or a business enterprise that has constrained resources, what do you do? Apparently, your first priority would be to get hold of […]

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