Few interesting uses of Toll Free Numbers


What do you think? Does anyone really care if their call is Toll-Free anymore? Does anyone really pay for long distance anymore? No.

If no one really cares about calls being Toll-Free anymore, why do companies still invest billions on the service? Simple, they get the traits they need to manage their business. They control the routing of calls, where all are they going and when they are conquer, they get all kinds of announcements for business intelligence, and they can approach cloud-based services that help them furnish high-quality customer service.

So…what if I told you Toll-free numbers acknowledge callers to reach businesses or individuals without giving any charge for the call. Toll-free numbers can be dialed directly to your business or personal telephone line and the charges of the call are paid by the called party (the toll-free subscriber) in place of the calling party.

These are very ordinary and have proven fruitful for trades. It presents “free” and advantageous way to contact businesses.

Many companies rely on toll-free services for their thriving businesses. Little do they know, this utility works well for other purposes too.

Below are some features of toll-free numbers used in creative and socially conscious ways:


Did you know? If you once buy a toll-free number, it is all yours; even if you can change providers or change your trades location.

Location doesn’t matter with a toll-free number. If you are going to relocate your business, your consumers won’t even know about! You can still reach to your customers by forwarding your calls to your cell phone or any other cell phone.


A toll-free number enhances your company’s image and gives soundness to your business. These numbers are not just for the big corporations; they are valuable for companies of all sizes, specifically those just proposing a business. It builds trustworthiness between the organization and the customer. You could be working out of your basement and no one would know.

Non-geographic number

non-geographic-3Businesses can have one number to reach the particular department of the company, that may be geographically distributed(starts with an area code).

Non-geographic numbers are easy to remember and it is only one for all the location.

For example: 1-800 Flowers.com.

This company, possessed by flower-shop owner Jim McCann, fills its orders through a florists network and through drop shipments.

It holds a florist-to-florist network and a floral wire service too—all services routed through the vanity toll-free number.

Enhanced data

When a consumer makes a toll-free call to a business, the company can access additional analytical data that would not be surely available if the customer uses a local phone number. Toll-Free Numbers are used by Google on digital click-to-call campaigns. Businesses can approach data about the caller’s search history, geographic location, and the other helpful statistics.

Marketing Tool

Vanity numbers are great for marketing purposes but do you know toll-free numbers help you to better track your marketing efforts?
Hold on..!! Think..! You have a website and a lead generation system. OK..? and what if someone picks up the phone and calls you from anywhere, how do you perceive where they came from?

The toll-free number allows you to create extensions, which associated with a particular campaign. Your toll-free number can act as a marketing tool and as a result can boost your call volume, sales and return on investment(ROI).

So, the toll-free service is very wide for all corporations in sales, support, CRM, survey, polls, subscription, accounts etc.

The elegance of Toll-Free number; Your client may reach you without any calling charges.

It is billed for the subscriber instead of the caller.

How Improving Sales Become Possible With Toll Free Numbers?


So, you are smart enough to own an official website, but are you aware of the fact that most of the people quit your website without making any purchase if they do not find a toll free number? This is because of the reason apparent. Toll free numbers encourage your customers to call you because they are exempted from the call charges. When more people reach you, your product/service will be in direct conversation. Here are the reasons why these numbers can help in generating more leads, improving sales and can prove to be the best ROI.

Monitor and Track Your Marketing Campaign Efficiently:

To test whether toll free numbers are effective marketing tool or not, you can run your different marketing campaigns using different numbers and see in which campaign you have got the best ROI.

To make your marketing campaign successful, you need a toll free number. If you indulge in multiple market campaigning then obtaining a toll free number is more like a necessity for you. Not only this, you can also monitor your incoming calls and this will let you predict the growth of your business proficiently.

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction:

You have certain working hours. Apparently, no office remains open all through the day. With the help of toll free numbers you can make yourself available round the clock. They can call you any time of the day. This helps in enhancing customer satisfaction as they can reach you at the hour of their need.

You Never Miss a Single Lead:

When your customers call you and you remain busy on other calls then you tend to miss a lead. In 80% of the cases people do not call back unless they are very desperate. When you are subscribed to a toll free number, your customers do not get busy tones ever as several lines run in parallel. Not only this, you can track all the missed calls and get the database of the clients that have called you through the day.

CRM Panel Allows Analyze Calls and Monitor Vital Statistics:

With the help of CRM or Customer Relationship Management Panel you can analyze all the inbound calls. All the calls that you receive, the calls that you have missed, what time of the day maximum customers call you and much more.

Apparently, toll free numbers are the most valuable advertising tactic. These numbers tend to receive more consumer attention than the other contact numbers and hence increase leads, generate sales and prove to be the best ROI.


5 Reasons to Buy Toll Free Numbers for Your Educational Institute Today!


Among so many other sectors, education sector is one such sector that need to manage a huge database. Taking this fact into consideration, more education sectors than ever today have felt the need to buy toll free numbers. If you also own an educational institute where tracking and analysis are becoming an uphill task then toll free number is what you need. Enumerated here are the 5 good reasons for that. Let us have a quick look.

Do Away With a Huge Manpower:

There are certain occasions like admissions and declaration of results when institutes need to handle a large number of queries. Not only this, handling of calls by manpower results in the accumulation of unorganized information. Toll free numbers can automate the process. This is so because these numbers are made available to the customers with plenty of features like call logs, call recordings, missed call alert etc that prevent a huge loss of data.

Communication With Patrons Becomes Easy:

Conveying information to the patrons is a regular task of all the educational institutes. With the help of toll free numbers, you remain updated with the information like who all have called you through the day and this in turn helps in keeping the communication process smooth with the patrons. Apart from this, with the help of Bulk SMSes they can be updated with the latest information. Also, archival of content and generation of report become easy.

Handling of Inbound Calls Efficiently:

Admission and result declaration are the two peak seasons when a sizable number of calls are expected. Subscription to a toll free number means handling of the calls more efficiently and professionally. There is no need of manpower for handling customary queries. When callers are interacted with voice response there is no need of a real person.

Never Get Busy Tones During Admission Procedure:

Admission time is the most crucial time for any educational institute. When several lines run parallel, users never get busy tones and the calls can be handled efficiently. The services can be modulated as per the needs of the subscribers which is not possible in the case of traditional PBX.

Best Value for Money:

Since toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that can be activated on your present land line or mobile phones so you need not invest in any infrastructure. These services are available on subscription basis and can be modulated as per the needs of your institute.

Know the Right Facts Before You Buy Toll Free Numbers


That they build your brand and prove to be the best value for the money are the two reasons that compel you to buy toll free numbers. But, there is much more than what meets the eyes actually! Whether you are a beginner with limited resources or a well-established business unit, get to know how it initiates business growth, how it helps in expanding marketing reach and how it keeps your business organized. Unleashed here are certain facts knowing which toll free numbers would no longer be a mysterious concept.

Gain 84% More Leads:

When your brand is yet to establish, you face a real tough time in generating leads. As per a recent study conducted, toll free numbers increases lead generation by 84%. This is so because they are easy remember, they do not cost anything to the customers. Besides this, you know that a majority of your customers remain busy. With the help of IVR or Interactive Voice Response facility that is provided along with toll free numbers, they can reach their destination without wasting their time.

Require Neither hardware Nor Software:

Toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that can be activated on the existing devices (landline, PBX, mobile). Henceforth, you need neither hardware nor software to buy toll free numbers which means you need only a little monetary investment. In fact, the mere upfront costs you will incur are the costs associated with calls only.

It Builds Brands for Sure:

Just come to think of it! When you call a company and get guided by a virtual receptionist to your destination, how do you feel? It is apparent for you to think high about the company. Not only this, toll free vanity numbers can spell your brand name and hence prove to be an effective marketing tool. Big companies invest a fairly good amount on marketing. Just buying a toll free number can make a sea of difference to your brand. For instance, 1800-Ziffy is a number that can give you the brand recognition from far and wide.

You Cannot Miss Leads:

This is so because toll free numbers come with a lot of features like call logs, call forwarding, missed call service and a lot others. These all features enable the subscribers to keep track of all the callers and hence missing leads become next to impossible.

More businesses than ever are waking up to the fact that toll free numbers empower their business. If you think that it is high time to trash your traditional phones and buy toll free numbers….be in touch.