Click-To-Call: An Interface Between Visitors And Website Owner

Although a website designer keeps almost a comprehensive detail about users’ problem before designing the website but still visitors might get confused. You can give a basic idea of your product or service through your content but can’t gratify the visitors fullest in first go. Here comes the concept of ‘call-to-call’. This service enables website visitors to directly communicate with the support in just a click. Click-to-text, click-to-message etc are the other names used for click-to-call.

The click-to-action button is incorporated into the website as the button. In case of any confusion or query, the user simply clicks on this button and an internet call i.e. VoIP is established between the system or mobile through which user has performed the calling action, and the business support. The only thing a visitor needs to make connection is a microphone so talking and listening processes could be performed.

A best example of click-to-call

A book contains whole and descriptive information still students rely more on schools, colleges, tutors, coachings, teachers and professors etc. Why? Do they posses more information in their mind than books?

Absolutely no!

The ground reason behind this is that books show everything in very elaborative manner but the tutor or guide points out only what is important to know and the short idea of the whole chapter.

Similarly, your website contains voluminous information but visitors don’t prefer reading thoroughly because of two reasons – first, shortage of time and second the ambiguity issue. In both the cases, click-to-call or click-to-message is a  best solution to resolve reader’s confusion without wasting much time.

It is a free service

For making any call, there will be no toll deducted on the caller’s side as this calling is absolutely cost-free. Since the calling process is free, visitor takes very less time to make the call. Also, the caller needs not to dial more than a few numbers.

It is the contrary process of CRM based click-to-callback where each website visitor is asked to leave his phone number so that support team of website could make a call back. In click-for-talk or click-to-dial service, the caller makes a real time connection with the representative and queries about all his doubts and questions.

The click-to-call service doesn’t essentially need a separate infrastructure rather it is supported by advanced telephone systems as well. The phone number is given in form of link, when the visitor clicks the link, the calling application of the phone establish a connection between the caller and the representative.

Below are the features of call-to-action service:

  • Phone calls can be routed even in advanced phone sets as well.
  • It provides users a web form to fill his personal information for healthy lead generation.
  • Click-to-call is not limited to certain website rather it can be used on any website.
  • The number is inserted as a link in website page, PDF, email or any other document.
  • All calls can be tracked and the report is generated accordingly.  Read more….

Did You Know These Facts About Toll Free Numbers?


Toll free numbers increase lead generation by 40%

Number Portability Feature Can be Availed:

Need to shift your business unit to a new city or to another country and want to retain your old number because it has become your identity. You can! Number portability feature is available. So, you can retain your old number when you plan to shift your business unit to a new place.

Track and Analyze the Channel Receiving Maximum Return On Investment (ROI):

With the help of toll free numbers you can track and analyze which channel of your business is receiving maximum (ROI) or Return on Investment and you can then frame a business strategy to boost that particular channel.

Virtual Numbers Let You Track Source of Incoming Calls:

The biggest advantage of toll free numbers is that you can track the source of incoming calls that proves to be very beneficial when you run an ad campaign.

Missed call Service Do Not Let You Lose Your Customers:

You can have a list of the people making calls if their calls are missed. You can also decipher your business and extract its insights like how your previous marketing campaign fared, source of the leads and much more (Real-time analytics).

You Can Make Calls Using Your Website:

With the help of click to call feature, customers can make calls from your website. All you need to do is to incorporate the widget on your official website.


Why Toll Free 1800 number is better than Click to Call service

Now a days every second webmaster uses a Click-to-Call button on their website, which allows their customers or site users to connect with them free of cost i.e. Toll free but there are some draw backs in it over a traditional and more robust Toll free 1800 number like:

  1. Leads could be missed as the call is initiated after few seconds of submitting the Click to Call form and by that time user could get some other call or change their mood.
  2. Successful connection between the two parties is also not very much possible or reliable every time.
  3. What if customer is on call but the other end i.e. executive or support agent is not responding?
  4. Click-to-Call has very limited audience i.e. who are using Internet and can understand such a concept.
  5. Business are paying two call costs at a time i.e. one to the customer & second to the official end, which makes a minute call cost to Rs 2.4 per minute at least.

On the other hand:

  1. 1800 toll free number is a very useful brand creation tool. Merging this to an IVR system gives you a 24×7 receptionist for your business.
  2. Even a child can call on a 1800 number as it is as simple as dialing any other telephone number.
  3. You can transfer an incoming call on any number in the world, which allows you to display a big company image.
  4. You will be paying a flat price of Rs 2.2 per minute.

Interested in a Toll-Free 1800 number for your business with an IVR? Dial 1800-200-5777 (to request a call back) or Dial 0522-3098080 to connect with our executive directly.