Know Who is Interested in Your Products Through Missed Call Service

People nowadays are very much conscious about each notification popping up on their mobile phones. The MCA (Missed Call Alert) is being used frequently, so, in the case of mobile switch off, missed call notification can be collected. It saves us from missing out on important phone calls.

Do you know, this technology is very much helpful in branding your business too?

Yes, With the help of Missed Call Service, you can get the list of persons who take interest in your product or services. The missed call service is an automated web based service that gives real-time notification alert of each call on landline, mobile or toll-free number. It is a very cost effective marketing tool to promote your business. Apart from business branding the tool helps in lead generation, online or offline registrations and retrieving passwords too.

The process of this service is- when a customer makes a call on the given number, the call gets rejected automatically and all the essential details of the customer like name, mobile number or any important query are saved and thereafter the whole information is pushed to the database for future purpose.

Providing 24/7 human service facility for each call is not possible in common practice as an executive needs some amount of time for his personal activities. This might arise a situation when you can miss out on your potential customer. Therefore, a system is required which can provide round the clock service with its virtual presence.

The missed call facility enables people to make a call any time whether it is morning or late night. All the calls will be responded later once the executive goes through the database.

With the help of this web-based service, you show value to your customers and make them feel how important they are, and provide them with the best and satisfactory solution.

In general, people get free at night when companies are supposed to be closed. Since this is the time when people get free from their all day long busy schedule and collect the information with the help of internet. Now think! What if your service is not able to resolve their queries then? Won’t it be a big loss for you?

To avoid such situation to come, only automation can help you perfectly. An automated system will save all prospects’ details at a place, where you can access from and interact with them accordingly in order to satisfy the customers.

With the help of this service, you can make a persistent interaction with your customers and flourish your business as their suggestions and requirement both are important to you. For survey or voting purposes, it is a very helpful tool as it accumulates all the essential data regarding customer details and their queries. This authentic data contributes largely in business model optimization.

Hence, it is clear that incorporating missed call service in your business is an intelligent decision and brings benefits to the organization. Read more….

How Missed Call Alert Service Helps You Generate More Leads?


To put it in the simple terms, the Missed Call Alert (MCA) service is used by the subscribers to get notified for all the calls they miss when they are unreachable. With the help of call logging and notification system, they are informed about the parties which have called them when they were not reachable.

In which Segments Missed Call Alert Service?

Basically, it is a web based application that keeps the customers engaged. Apparently, businesses use this service for the purpose of lead generation because with the help of this service they can never miss a single call or queries. They are used for:

  • Voting
  • Polling
  • Customer feedback
  • Opt-in process
  • Verification

How the Service Works?

  • In missed call alert service, the subscribers get a dedicated number.
  • When customers call on that number, they receive an auto confirmation SMS that thank him for calling and informs that their number has been registered.
  • Numbers of the callers are stored in database.
  • Executives can then call back soon to understand the requirements or concern of their customers.

Important Features of Missed Call Alert Service:

  • It is a hassle-free and easy way to retain all the prospective clients. After dialling the phone calls cut automatically after dialling.
  • It is cost-effective way as it costs nothing for the callers.
  • The service can be activated both on mobile and land line phones.
  • Real time notifications are sent via SMS and emails.
  • It can be easily integrated with SMS and Emails, IVR.
  • Easily integrated with SMS, IVR & Emails.

How Missed Call Service Means More Business?

The rule of thumb in every business remains the one and same. “Grab more customers to get more profits.” But, this is just not enough! If you want your customers to get converted into subscribers and want to bring more profits to your business, you should try using missed call alert service.

With the help of missed call service alert you can convert your customers into subscribers. Normally, customers are those who avail both your goods and services just once but subscribers means recurring business. So, in order to expand your business you need to have subscribers. Indeed, with the exponential rise of Internet users, a lot of technologies like email marketing, bulk SMS etc. are being used to grab the potential customers. But, always remember that your customers are as busy as you are. Taking this point into consideration, missed call service becomes the shortest and the easiest path to reach your customers.

What Other Benefits Can it Have?

The process of missed call alert service is just a cakewalk. You just need to provide your customers a number and with one ring, the call gets disconnected itself and that number gets saved in the database from that very moment.

Cost Effective Way to Grab Customers:

Apparently, missed call service saves a huge amount of money because it requires a huge investment and maintaining a single database. Compare it with other modes of advertising!! So start investing other important resources and save money.

Put Your Customers At Ease:

With the help of these numbers you can put your customers at ease as if they are busy they just need to drop a missed call to you and that’s it! So, the shortest path to reach your customers is a missed call service.

Make Your Customers Subscribe You!

Your customers are not required to fill any long and tedious forms and reaching you with the help of just a ring puts them at ease especially if they maintain a hectic schedule.

In short it is quick, effective and dependable…smart marketers listening?

7 Mistakes that You Make When You Purchase a Toll free Number

10-mistakes-you-commonly-make-while-buying-toll-free-numbers-ZiffyOrganizing your business communications, building your brand image and improving sales, if you have waken up to the benefits of toll free numbers and plan to own it, beware of certain commonly made mistakes. Enumerated here are the 7 such mistakes.

You Search for a Vanity Number On Wrong Websites:

People who take fancy towards toll free numbers tend to make this mistake. However, most of the websites lock up that number so buying from them becomes more of your liability. Not only this, they also offer their expensive plan on that number…Ours is a safe website you can count on.

You Tend to Purchase it from Direct Operators:

Like most of the other people, you tend to fall in the trap as well. You buy toll free numbers from direct operators (BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone etc.). You rely on these big names and think that you would get the best ROI. Contrary to this, you do not get value added services when you purchase from the direct operators. Not only this, buying from

So, always purchase it from a vendor rather than purchasing it from a direct operator to get IVR, missed call alert, call forwarding and much more. Not only this, buying from direct operators cost you more and it is more restrictive.

You Continue With the Same Vendor Despite Having Issues to Retain the Number:

You can change the vendor if you are dealing with issues and can retain the number. Toll free numbers are portable and even if you change your office location from one city to another you will retain the same number. All you need to do is to relieve your number by paying Rs 5000 (amount varies).

Thinking that Vanity Numbers Are Waste of Money:

Vanity numbers give you the best value for money. Though they are ultra-expensive but they are worth it because these numbers help in building brand in a big way. So, it is not a waste of money at all. It gives recognition to your brand. Just come to think of it how strongly people will know and remember you, if your number spells your business.

You Select the Company on Basis of Price Alone:

Do not go for the lowest price. When the vendor offers you the lowest price then either the charges are latent or they are cutting down certain value added services to keep the cost low. So, it is better not to fall in the trap.

You Do Not Test Your Toll Free Number Before Putting it on Advertising:

To prevent yourself from awful headaches, do not forget to call on and test your toll free number.

You Assume Buying Toll free Number is Just About Filling up Form and Making Payment:

Obtaining a toll free number is a process. It is not about filling up a form only. Click here to know what all needs to be done.

5 Important Benefits of Missed Call Service That You Do Not Know!


Do not lose even a single lead just because your agents and customers are busy!

Success of your business largely depends on consistent and hassle-free communication with your customers. Missed call alert service is the shortest route to reach the service you are looking for and hence it has become indispensable for businesses these days. Given here are the five aspects of missed call alert service which you are unaware of. Let us have a quick look.


Whether you are a beginner or a mastered entrepreneur, your subscribers are important for the success of your business. New customers help your business flourish and missed call alert service is the easiest way to connect with your customers. Some other great ways to stay connected with your customers are:

  • Lead Generation
  • User Registration
  • Coupons delivery


The second vital step after getting connected with your customers is subscription. As per a recent survey conducted, mobile phone subscribers have reached 976 million and continue to grow further. Incredible though it may sound but yes! engagement level goes up to almost 10 times with missed call services. Here are the option you can offer to your customers to subscribe through missed call service.

  • Query call
  • Call to subscribe
  • subscription verification call


Quality of customers matters more than just quantity. Isn’t it? So verification is needed to get quality customers whether you have off line or on line business. With the help of missed call verification at the neck of your verification system, you are able to keep the garbage out of your business.


Companies keep on conducting surveys from time to time. Missed call alert service is the best and the easiest way to encourage more and more people participate because it does not comprise the tedious process of filling forms.


If you focus on pre-sales service only, your business tends to fail. To fix the shortcomings of the business, you need to identify them first. With the help of missed call alert service, you can get the feedback of your customers and know what actually they require and demand.

Needless to say, your customers maintain a hectic schedule and at that time completing tons of formalities or indulging in long conversations keep them at bay. Missed call service is the shortest, easiest and the most convenient path for them to reach you. So, be wise, think smart, grab maximum customers in just a ring and come out to be a winner.

How Missed Call Alert Service Helps You Generate More Leads?


To put it in the simple terms, the Missed Call Alert (MCA) service is used by the subscribers to get notified for all the calls they miss when they are unreachable. With the help of call logging and notification system, they are informed about the parties which have called them when they were not reachable. To know, how missed call alert can make you a smart marketer, read here

Buy Missed Call Number @ Rs 300 And Handle Your Leads Properly

Missed Call NumberToll-Free Missed Call Numbers let you handle each and every lead properly at your own convenience.

Missed Call Numbers allows you to capture a burst of leads in very short time (for example when a radio campaign is running or news paper ad was published), which can be dealt later as per convenience of tele-marketing executive or the sales team.

On every missed call you can program a response e.g.

  • Auto-Call back on missed call to the caller.
  • SMS acknowledgemet on missed call e.g. sending discount coupon.
  • API hit to CRM or Web app for mobile number verification or database building.

Missed calls can be received either on a 10-digit mobile number like 09598780001 or on a 1800 number series. In both the cases these calls will be free for the caller and very little needs to be paid by the called party, generally 1 paise per missed call.

To know more click here


Missed Call Service with IVR (New Launch)

Missed Call Service with IVR

Missed Call Service (or CBS as we call) is nothing new and in India it is used on daily basis from kids to elders equally. It is also the easiest way to capture leads from the masses as 1. there is no cost involved (i.e. it is toll-free) and 2. any body can use it as dialling is most basic function of any phone.

Till now Missed call service is speech less i.e. one would dial a number, after one ring call will get disconnected and the caller will get an SMS acknowledging his input but it was still very boring and non-interactive.

As usual we were not satisfied with the decade old technology and keep working on it to improve it till we got some breakthrough. Yes, and we did that…

We have finally added the voice to old, boring missed call service provided by our competitors.

You got that right :). We have added voice on this missed call service so that instead of just hanging up the call, we first play an audio prompt like “Thanks for calling, we will get back to you soon.” and only then hangs up the call, which acknowledges the callers that their input has been received.

Want to try a demo? Dial 09598780001

For more details feel free to contact us through iWant