There’s More to Business Communication Than We See!

I was pretty much in despair due to inadvertent circumstances that the life has been throwing at me. Trust me, Annealed Business is as hard a condition as you would ever see in life as a business caretaker. The worst part about the worst phases of life is the hopelessness that it tweaks in your mind about everything.

It is a phase which is horrible to say the least. You would find it hard to fetch water when thirsty, though your fridge will have enough water stored. After unusual hurdles, even when you find the water and before you start to drink it, you will be unable to believe if it’s actually water. Even when you will somehow convince that it’s actually water, you will be get confused if you should actually drink water, or something that could help you rehydrate much faster. Upon time, when thirst begins to harm you physically, and the pain kicks in, you realize that you should leave everything else for later and first drink the water if to live.

Yes, this is what a problem could do to you. It keeps your mind ignorant about the solution even if it is in front of your eyes. In such dilemma, I was driving through a sparse desert landscape in an isolated place of the western region of the country. When, the time is willing to you burn you to ashes, you need not get to problems, instead it is always by your side waiting to irritate you anyhow unreasonably. My vehicle suddenly felt a blast and I immediately pulled it down in an instant reflex in it’s response. I just saw the side view mirror to find my heart along with the right wheel deflated.

During your bad days, you don’t have the enthusiasm to break. In fact, a ray of hope turns into a ray of hopelessness. I guess it is rare that you could find a vehicle issue without even keeping your legs out of the seat, just a little movement of eyeballs and it’s there, the flat airless wheel which by the way was not the way your side mirrors ideally showed. As clear as it could have been, I didn’t got out in heat and unlocked my mobile to call for roadside assistance which my vehicle brand offers to customer’s convenience.

The call was picked up before I could place the phone to hear a very enthusiastic voice chirp, “Good afternoon sir, I am Prakash. How can I assist you?” Many people may find such Joyous Baritone comfortable, but as far as my bad days could allow, I could only attribute ‘fakeness’ to it. So, to me, he was acting to help but actually wouldn’t but for his monthly paychecks.

“Yes, a damn tyre of my vehicle wheels are burst. Want to check the spine your company has? That it could actually standby the tall claims it makes during the purchase!” I was rather absurd and non empathetic to say.

“Yes sir, can you please tell the location of the vehicle?”

“It is somewhere around 30 kilometers on the national highway 14 Jaisalmer. Have the spine to help yet?” I uttered in rude wry sarcasm almost certain what the answer they would give for such remote locations.

“Yes sir, I have booked your complaint. Please share some quick details for us to reach you.” He pleaded. Thereby asking few quintessential personal details along with the contact number and the issue with the vehicle.

I believe it wouldn’t have been more than half an hour by which a man reached and within 20 minutes, I was ready to move. This made me realize one serious problem that I had in me.

The absence of a ‘Wish’ that one needs. A attitude to take stride even when in problem. It was just a customer satisfaction service that many business try their hands at. But not have the ability

to see the problem but it’s negative side. I was at a place too remote and all i could see was this fact when in problem. That god, I called for that customer assistance that day which I usually saw as ‘fakeness’. In fact, it was the reality that leads to success.

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