Things to be kept in mind while choosing IVR

Things to be kept in mind while choosing IVR

It has become a common practice for the companies irrespective of sizes to rely on IVR systems to handle large volume phone calls and assist customers with their needs. When your business has decided to implement IVR Solutions, there are a number of factors to look for. The IVR will be numerous callers’ first connection with your company. However, a poorly designed system could do a lot toward making it their last!
Choose an IVR That Can Be Personalized

You expect your agents to provide personalized service to your customers, so you should expect the same from your IVR. Creating customized greetings, messages and prompts, your customer service will be kept at an intimate level.

Focus on the Menu Options

One of the important aspects of your IVR system is the menu options. You should avoid overwhelming callers with many options. Meanwhile, present options in the least complicated way.

Keep It Simple

Use short phrases for menu items and prompts to avoid losing your caller’s attention. If your IVR message will be Simple and Short it will grab your Customer’s attention and make your IVR sound good.

Clarity in Voice

While selecting IVR for your Company you should keep in mind that the IVR recorded should be clear and audible . The voice notes should not be too high or too low. Voice should be recorded at same levels.

Know Your Audience

When choosing IVR software, make sure you have a handle on the target market that will be using your system.Taking your customers into consideration when selecting your IVR software – and optimizing its configuration – will help to ensure that they find it helpful and effective.

Test your IVR

Once you have your IVR configured to perfection, it is time to take it for a test drive. Start by testing your entire IVR structure yourself and taking note on any areas of friction, gaps in options, redundant information, or menus that don’t allow the caller to speak with an agent. Once you have any issues set the selected IVR.

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