Toll Free 1800 number for FMCG companies

In today’s world reaping the maximum benefits from the latest technology developments is imperative that businesses orient the applications towards the creation of a knowledge base and its dissemination. Corporate exposure with Toll Free 1800 no of FMCG company’s on the service platform supports customer relationship for the accessing knowledge and awareness of respective product in very convenient way. Corporate’s customer friendly strategies are particularly useful in the FMCG sector for information on brands across the target market. It is useful for brand managers in FMCG sector to learn how their counterparts deal with competition. Learnings from their experience would be invaluable. Toll Free no are also useful for the sales-force to take the experience across territories.

Corporate learning systems have also undergone a tremendous change, with organizations recognizing the power of the Toll Free 1-800 no for creating learning systems as a cheaper and more flexible online as well offline alternative. Thus, Toll Free 1-800 number solution reinforces precious customer relationship by giving every outward-facing complete and unhindered view of every customer along with a detailed history of his every transaction.
This can be further integrated into a Web-based service application in the form of help desks and call centers. This puts customer care agents in control of every stage of customer management from sales opportunities, quotes, billing repairs and returns. Besides, they can also address inquiries and problems knowledgeably and authoritatively.

Usage of 1800 Toll Free In FMCG Sector:

Toll Free Number gives a flavor of the things to come in terms of the help line no that is very potential to enable direct sales, its absolute potential can be reached only when the Toll Free is used as a differentiated medium by FMCG companies. Packaging of products mentioning toll free 1800 no presents several value propositions to the FMCG company.
It allows for customization of advertising content based on product profile.
There is tremendous scope for enhancing product promotion and branding impact with 1-800 Toll Free No.
Toll Free 1-800 lowers the cost of delivering information to the customers at the time of sales promotion campaign. It can be used for handling queries, checking order status, usage statements and a host of other product-related information.
The message built into IVR can be used to enhance customer value. This would include archives of problems, support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Toll free1-800 can be used to promote both the brand and corporate image in a unique way, which could involve in accessing company’s information on products behalf.
Toll free 1-800 enables a personalized relationship between the buyer and the customer.
Toll free 1-800 may undeniably involve a paradigm shift in favor of service customization, a shift that calls for changes in internal operations, design, promotion, manufacture and delivery systems.

ITC Toll Free No : 1800-425-3242
HUL Toll free number: 1800228080, 18001022221
Pepsico Toll Free No : 1-800-433-2652